Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My wall of Yum.

Today my Mum visited me. We had a good day, I took her around to my local opshops and had Indian for tea!
She also helped me rearrange my bedroom and loungeroom, something I've wanted to do for a while.
I'm happy to announce that I no longer have three decorations on my tree!
At each opshop I went to, I picked up a decoration! It was great!

How pretty is my tree! I've never had a Christmas tree in my house as my places have always been too small. So this year is very exciting.

I know Kazza will hate me for finding another 70's decorating book, I'm sorry!
This book is amazing! It has swatches, colour schemes with full textures, fabrics and patterns, full houses, all the way up to the roofing! Definitely my new coffee table book.... if I had a coffee table! Still hunting!

It even has a section devoted to collections!

I also picked up this punkers jacket, fully studded, patched etc. Its rad!
I'm going to give it to work though, as the amount of people who come in wanting to be a punk is ridiculous! It'll work well.

This is something I'd been wanting for years for nostalgic reasons. Nan and Pop had this cookie jar when we were little and I've always loved it. 'Thou shalt not get fat!' It writes. These are fairly common, and so aren't worth much, around $28 I last read. Mum picked this one up for $1. I'm glad to have it :) (The white parts just sticker remains)

This is some of todays room changes.
I can now see my purple chair! I love this chair.

I've changed my room around and put my 3 free standing racks together. Its like a wall of yum!

This is my walk in wardrobe. I have most of my 60's 70's gear on the other racks.
This rack is mostly 80's, misc dresses, tshirts, jumpers, and pants.

And my 70's shirts are kept in there too.

Well although I'm about to expload from over eating at dinner, I think I've going to have to have another Kashmiri naan and then head to bed.
First day at Velour tomorrow! Yee I can't wait.


Sarah said...

HOLY ****
I've been meaning to ask you where you store all your clothing... but WOW. so colourful and pretty!

kat.george said...


Thanks for the encouragement! I guess wer're just going to have to stick it to the man hey!

I'm so jealous of your christmas tree. We don't have one in our pokey little flat and it's making me homesick.


Sarah Von said...

Good lord, your wardrobe looks fun! I imagine you are the go-to girl when everybody is getting ready for a night out and wants to borrow each others clothes.

Pretty damn jealous. :D

Skye said...

Good luck with your first day!

Your wardrobe looks like a vintage shop with all those colourful jammed pack racks, so you should feel right at home.

Missa said...

Ah what a lovely tree!
SOOOOO jealous of that 70's decorating book and all your closet space!

Too Many Shoes said...

I'm getting my Christmas tree this weekend! I can't wait!! I managed to get some baubles from the Camberwell market, but I need some others decorations too. Hmmm. Time to get thrifty methinks!

I hope your first day at Velour was a stand out, stellar day.

honey and lemon said...

wow. so much clothes. thats amazing.
are they all vintage?

trishhunterfinds said...

Sarah - Haha, yep, that's my storage. Problem is its way too full to the point the racks are bending and need a new rack or 5. Problem 2 is I have no room for that! Eep.

Kat - No problems, I just put my imaginary hands over my ears and ignore all the verbal crap I'm fed.
In primary school, we made Christmas tree's out of magazines. Folding every page down to create a point and then fanning it around. You could make a mini one :)

Sarah Von - Haha you're so right! I get so many people asking to borrow this for a party etc. Usually costume, not sure if thats good or bad haha. Most of my friends have way too many clothes too, so its always refreshing to swap, as I get too used to looking at mine, and need the change.

Skye - My first day was so good thankyou :) I had a ball. Everyone who came in was so friendly and loved vintage as much as me. It was so refreshing.

Missa - The 70's book is amazing!! I'm not sure if I've linked you before, but have you checked out this flickr?
It's what got me addicted to looking for these books.
There's a 60's group too.

Neroli - Oh I'm excited for you! I hope you show photos of it once you've put it all together and decked it out in your newly marketed decos :) My first day was lovely thankyou!
Best job I have ever ever had.

Honey & Lemon - I know, its getting ridiculous really, but like smokers can't stop smoking, I can't stop buying.
Yep they're all vintage. All of my clothes are vintage, well at least opshopped. My jeans and such are often modern but still thrifted.

Thanks for all of your lovely comments!

Lili said...

O i have come across your blog..and i have fallen in love with it.

WHERE do you find all your bargains!!?

Super Kawaii Mama said...

My Nana still has that same cookie jar! Your wardrobe looks amazing. If only I didn't have to share my space I might be this lucky. As it is, my wardrobe is now housed in three separate rooms!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

WOW! All that goodness in one post! love the deccies, and the room chages. The clothes look amazing too - love it all!

trishhunterfinds said...

Lili, Oh I'm glad you found me :)
I find my bargains EVERYWHERE.
I travel all over melbourne on my days off, opshops, markets, everywhere, and via public transport which has caused a lot of interesting trips home with some of the stuff I pick up. I'm always getting weird looks.
Thanks for reading!

Super Kawaii Mama - Hi, I just spent way too long going through your archives! I was delighted when I received a comment from you!
Haha, 3 different rooms must be tricky. I don't know how I'd cope having to share space haha. I'm barely coping finding space with just me!

Claire - Oh I absolutely love my decorations, Its funny how much decorations on a tree can change how you feel. I feel so Christmassy, and happy. I love it.
I can't wait to start wrapping presents!

Kazza said...

Yes your right it is Kazza, I do hate you for getting a Terence Conran 70's decorating book. I have two of his New House Books but a 70's one is to die for. PS I don't really hate you just envious to bits!

Kit said...

your room is like what dreams are made of!! how amazing !!!


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