Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm so so sorry...

... to all the people I hurt from showing them what I bought today.

I met a lovely lady today, who's house I can't even begin to describe, however it has completely inspired me. Imagine living in an antique shop. That's how she lived. It was incredible.
She took me to her shed, where she was storing an estate sale she picked up from a lady who must have lived a very flamboyant life.
I was lucky enough to choose anything I liked, for a price of course.
It averaged out to be approx $8 a piece. Completely worth it in my eyes.
Even opshops charge over $10 when they spot a supposed vintage piece, so I got an absolute bargain.
A lot of the items I'm about to show you are brand new, still with their price tags.
There are so many items from Vanity Fair, and so many other brands/designers that ring a bell but I can't quite place them.
All items are vintage from the 50's - 70's, are in fantastic condition and I love every single item.

I really have had the best week ever.

Ok here comes a zillion photos.

50's dress with attached tule for that full skirt effect.

Thats the way we all became the brady bunch

Amazing Kaftan. The sleeves the sleeves!

Fabulous Tent dress

And another one!

Dress with matching high waisted shorts as the split goes high.

Jumpsuit, yes jumpsuit. Mmm pants!

Another jumpsuit

Play-suit. My favorite item!

Another jumpsuit

This dress is what led me to the lady. Definitely one of my favorites

And this is the remains of her shed. Well picked over now :) but you can get an idea of the amount of stuff she has and how incredible her house must be!

Again I'm so so sorry.
I just know my heart would bleeding if someone else had posted this.
To all the other 60's 70's fans, I know you will appreciate how incredibly rare and fabulous these items are and are glad they're at someones house who will love them :)


Skye said...

Awesome work! I'm not much for those eras, so thankfully I'm not right now wailing and tearing my hair out with grief, but I know there are others who must be suffering right now...

PS. the playsuit is way cute, you'd better wear it out of the house.
PPS. If you find the eighties equivalent, then we might need to talk.

Lavender said...

Fantastic. I'm jealous as hell. The women that owned these must have been amazing.

Sarah said...

Some of those floor length maxi dresses are amazing - I've been hunting for some for a while with no avail. Very jealous!

What do you normally do with all the stuff you pick up? Do you wear them or just keep them/sell them?

Lux said...

* Speechless* ..... Wow.... You lucky.... wow

balcairn said...

Gosh, my jaw is on the floor.

Vegan and Vintage said...

Holy crap! I think we need to become friends! Congrats on the job, I love that shop xx

Sarah said...

I can't believe it! You're so lucky, and I'm so incredibly jealous. What are you going to do with it? Sell/keep it? It's probably not my ideal chanel bag but it IS chanel!

trishhunterfinds said...

Skye - Its good everyone likes different era's or there'd be even more road rage at markets/opshops/garage sales ahha.
I'll definately let you know if I ever find an 80's stash :)
I will be LIVING in that playsuit! It fits me perfectly! Lovvvve it.

Lavender - I know! Can you imagine her house, and the parties she would have gone to? She must have been one confident woman!!

Sarah - Yeah maxis are quite hard to come by now! I always jump on them when I find them.
I have two reasons to shop.
Most of the vintage stuff I buy I keep. I collect clothing, it's often looked at as a stupid kind of collection because if I'm not wearing them, I shouldn't buy them. But its just the same as collecting radios, coloured glass, or paintings. It's aesthetically pleasing and I get joy out of it so I don't see it as anything different.
My other reason for shopping, is to shop for current trends. Clothing that other people may like but that I'm not such a fan of, which when I get around to it, I put on eBay.
I'd never sell any of my retro gear. I hope to one day open my own vintage store and It will all go towards that eventually.

Lux - Yay speechless is always the best compliment :)

Balcairn - Hhaha pick it up!! Hopefully you'll start a blog one day and I can be jealous of all of your things :)

Vegan and Vintage - Haha cute, yay lets be friends :) You'll have to stop by at the shop one day and say hello!

Raybies said...

Hey Trish
any chance I could go to her shed as well. Is she wanting to sell more stuff. Not really interested in the clothing but she looks to have some other interesting stuff.
Let me know.

thevintageyear said...

WOW! All I can say is that you 've now made me jealous 2 days in a row, hehe :) But I'm also glad you've had 2 awesome days in a row, because you're swell!

I love love love that 1st dress, I have a dress that's sort of similar but doesn't have a brilliant white collar and inbuilt tulle. And I looove the last 3 dresses too! Do you think you'll put any of them on ebay? (I don't blame you if you don't, they're all keepers ;)

I wish you could tell me where this shed is, it's so wonderful!

StrikeMatch said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky girl! You must have had some mighty fine karma up your sleeve. I super love the first dress and the second last one. But they are all amazing!

angel wings and hearts said...

ooooo. you did well trish. i remember those long dresses with the shorts underneath. quite often worn with knee high boots. i don't really but vintage clothes but i do like to see them when i go op shopping. fabrics are usually florally and colourful. i like both aspects. :)

my name is Kit said...

wow, what absolutely gorgeous finds! i am particularly envious of the playsuits!! i absolutely live for surprise thrifting experiences like yours!! xo

Missa said...

Wow Wow WOW!!!
Can I just tell you my jaw literally dropped when I scrolled down to the stripey blue dress with the big flower on the front!

What an amazing haul and though I am a bit jealous, you're right, it is comforting to know it all went to someone who truly appreciates it :) Congrats on the new job!!!

P.S. Your camera luck is killing me ;)

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