Thursday, December 18, 2008

I see dead people.

So I'm going to turn two very long stories into one, cut them very short, and it still mightn't even be very short.

The other day at work, a man came in, a friendly guy who wasn't quite 'normal' by definition, who told me exactly who I was without even knowing me.
Similarly to a psychic reading, but he didn't tell me my past, or future, just who I was at this time in my life. It was the weirdest experience ever, and is quite hard to explain.
Now I am partially skeptical about all that spiritual stuff, but I am also a believer, so I did question what he was saying. But there was nothing vague about anything he said. He hit everything correctly and in detail, so I completely believed. He's never seen me before, he brought up things that I have only told my closest friends. It's hard to explain and I won't go into detail as a lot of it is personal. But wow.
It was seriously a life changing event. I was close to tears after he left, it was the weirdest thing I've ever experienced.
Anyway, the reason I brought this up was because I have always said, and even mentioned on here a couple of times that I think I have some kind of 6th sense.
Well anyway, today I went into the Opshop and was drawn to the dresses and I went there first which is something I never do because I have a routine.
As I was going through the rack I thought to myself 'I feel like I'm going to find a Laura Ashley dress' I know very very specific, and not surprising, I didn't find one.
I put it down to the fact that at Velour, there is a beautiful one, and I must have just had it in my head.
Anyway, I went to work, and started to tell my boss about my life changing experience.
I got to a part that I haven't told you yet.
One of the things he said to me was that he see's psychic in me (I can't remember his exact words but it was along those lines) and I have always though so too, I know I sound like I should have a 'magic happens' sticker on my car bumper. Haha ANYWAY
Maybe a minute after that conversation, I went out the back where we hang our booked costumes and there was something hanging there that I had never seen before, in a Trish fabric.
I quickened my pace and quickly realized it was a Laura-Ashley dress.
I was creeped out! So creeped out that I wouldn't stop bringing it up all day.
One of my boss's friends had dropped off some of the things she couldn't bare to throw out but didn't want them anymore, and my boss said "That's something Trish would like"
and the friend said "Oh good she can have it!"
So it's mine! All possibly a crazy coincidence, and there's a possibility it's too coincidental that you think I'm making it up, but I seriously was thinking I'd find a Vintage Laura-Ashley dress only 10 minutes before I was given one.
Crazy crazy.

This is the dress.

The bell shaped sleeves were taken in to be normal sleeves and I've unpicked one just to show you, I'll do the other one later. If you've ever met one of these dresses you'll know how well made they are. I just love them.

Here are some other things I picked up today/tuesday

Cute pair of sandals.

Gross patterned dress, but I love the greens so couldn't leave it.

Um I LOVE these. I hope my friends will still walk next to me when I wear them, because I LOVE THESE! they're a thick fabric, high waisted legging, and pwoah. They're so so good.
They aren't like today's leggings, I could actually wear these as pants and not repulse people.

Another poly dress with a cute petite collar.

I've been searching for a new dressing gown for a while and again, I'm glad I waited.
I wouldn't wear this if I had an open fire because I would go up in flames, but I do love it and it'll make me happy when I wear it.

Another 70's polyester blouse.

A pair of guys high waisted flares that fit me perfectly! They look huge but they're great!

I got this mixed pack of tazo's glow caps for $3. There's SO many of them. Hopefully it'll fill the gaps in my tazo book.
I was sold when I saw the amount of glow caps in there. I was brought up in the country as a kid, and every time Mum went to Melbourne, I'd give her $3 of my pocket money to buy me a pack of glow caps. Some of them were rude which made me love them more. My favorite was the one with the big poo that glowed. I was in primary school ok? Haha

And this is one of the dresses I got in bulk the other day. I love it. Excusing me horrible 'just sucked a lemon' face, isn't it pretty?

Pwoah massive blog. I hope you reached the end without falling asleep.

I'm a bit hopeless at blogging/replying lately as I'm so busy, and when I'm not busy, i'm eating/sleeping, but I'm falling into a better routine and will be replying better soon :)


Lili said...

I love the last photo of the dress you are wearing! its awesome!

was scooting around savers at footscray the other day... didnt find much, odd plates, ornaments..cute little things and old candle holders...... im trying to look for ways to update my 1970s bathroom but still keep the 1970s feel!

are you renting your place or mortgaging... if mortgaging... have you renovated your kitchen and bathroom to give it that retro look????

Linda :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Hi Lili!!
I haven't been to Footscray area in so long. I was dissapointed last time and it burned me so I have a minor grudge towards it. But I really should have another go soon!
Ooh I like old candle holders, I've been meaning to find some myself!
I too have a problem with my bathroom.
Was it you that asked about my bathroom previously? I have been shocking at replies sorry!
My bathroom is SO boring. I too don't know what to do with it!
It has that 1970's feel, with the brown lino, blinds shower door etc, but thats all thats in it.
I have retro towels that continue my houses theme throughout, but I'm hopeless.

I'm renting my place, and am DYING to renovate my kitchen. I look at it every day and I would love to do so much.
I think I've done an okay job with what I have, in the way of displaying, curtains, canisters, pots etc but oh how I wish I could go to town and rip it all out!

Thanks for your comment!! Let me know what else you find or if you have any bathroom ideas!

thevintageyear said...

Where are you finding all these adorable sandals? I've been looking for a pair for aaages!

Skye said...

Spooky! I'm sure there is such a thing as op-shop esp, because even though I am completely non-psychic I've had those experiences too many times to dismiss. Here's one: said...

LOVE! You gave me shivers with that story!

I used to work in Moonee Ponds and the same thing happened to me once- a woman came in and as she was leaving turned around to me and the other girl I was working with and told us both things about our personal lives and then gave us advice, then she just walked out.

I'm pretty cynical too but it's fun to believe in something more. Anyway who wants to be a boring old fart that thinks everything is pure science?


Vintage Verve said...

Wow. What an amazing story!

And I love the polly dress with the cute collar.

I was in Velour last night and bought a cute little compact mirror. Your boss and I were talking about how perfect you are for that job!

See you soon


Lili said...

what Op shops do you go to trish!?

honey and lemon said...

wow thats freaky as.
i love those shoes really really cute

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

OK, I love the high, flared pants, and the black dress the most - but just love ALL your finds, I don't know how you do it - just amazing, and the sandals in the previous post are straight off the catwalk!

thevintageyear said...

2nd comment on one post - just letting you know I gave you a little award on my blog! Have a great Christmas!

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