Thursday, December 11, 2008

My first day of work!


So my first day of work was fabulous!
I had the greatest day. I am completely in my element!! I love it.

That morning I left four hours to get ready and get there. I'm lucky I did.
My pre-planned clothing choice failed on me. I can never preplan outfits, it all depends on my mood if I like it or not.
I went through so many outfits, and ended up with one of my standard outfits that I feel comfortable in.

My original plan was the new dress I bought, but it was just too big where it wasn't supposed to be, and I looked like the side of a house when I didn't have my hand on my hip, and I figured I'd have to move it from there at some stage during the day, so that outfit was tossed.

I reverted to this outfit, and glad I did. I felt comfortable in it, which is always good for a new experience day.

Anyway, I left two and a half hours to get there, I'm completely pedantic when it comes to time. I have so many tram/train/bus connections to do when getting there, that if I were to miss, or be delayed by any of them, it could make me late... So I left super early just to be sure. I stopped by coles on the way to get things for lunch, and then still arrived 40 minutes early. Still, I'm glad I did because I'd rather sleep less, and not stress the whole way there than the other way around.

I have never been late for my current job. I've been there about a year and a half, and even when I had to travel from Richmond to Eltham each day, by tram and train, I still got there on time thanks to my crazy pedanticness.

After a great day, I was dying to shop. Being surrounded by such lovely items was killing me and I got the itch. I still won't be able to properly shop until monday and its already so hard.
I leave early for work each day to go to my local ones, but they're not anything new.
Which causes another problem. I feel an eBay addiction coming.

This morning I did pick up one thing though.
This tshirt. Its so 70's, I LOVE LOVE it.
It looked stupid on the coat hanger so had a play.
This is what I wore haha.

What a dork. I do love the flares though. I've always wanted to pull them out, I need to take them up a bit, and then if I lose a couple of kg's I might rid the camel toe/too bigger belly for these pants effect I seem to have, and I can actually wear them!
I know ew right.
But hey, at least it's not like this guy's... (another pic from my 60's 70's folder)

Poor guy.

This is what arrived in the mail for me yesterday... (eBay, watch my future addiction grow)

EXCITED. I loved loved original wonderboy.

AND... everyone should read this book. I can't put it down.

Oh... and last of all, I'm famous.
Modepass has once again taken one of my photos and used it on their members page.
I feel super special to be chosen out of so many thousands of truly fashionable people with fabulous photos.

Ok bed time.

Night :)


Skye said...

Yoiks! That camel toe is out of control (his, not yours - which is nonexistent as far as I can tell).

PS. I am completely flouting your dictates re: chainstores in my post today!

Brooke Alexandra said...

I've been reading through your old posts for the past hour, you're a girl after my own heart! Would love to trade links if you're interested

ldvnicole said...

That powder blue looks so amazing with your coloring. I want it!!!!!!

Too Many Shoes said...

Congrats on the new job, the eBay finds and the Modepass props!

What a stellar day!

And now I need to get my hands on a copy of that book!


Velour said...

oh my! the photo of that unfortunate chap is just scandalous.

at least you can run around the corner to the opp shop and whatnot firstly if you're forced to get here so early you poor lady.

i just put the pram in the window, ADORABLE! but please refrain from selling/renting it for now/ever.

tis a grand book indeed =)


Vegan and Vintage said...

That is the prettiest, cutest photo ever! Hooray for you!!! Glad your first day went well, will you be there next wednesday? xx

maisie #1 and #2 said...

sweet combo of the floral dress + coat outfit.
i think i have the opposite problem... i don't think i've ever been on time for anything in my life. (not an understatement)

/maisie #1

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