Thursday, December 4, 2008

City fix

So yesterday I went to my new job to get the tour and I had the best day!
It was so great to get out of the little outer suburbs habitat I have been sucked into, and get back to the city.
I used to live in Richmond for nearly 5 years before I moved to the Eltham area, and that was SUCH a big change. I was such a city girl. I cried on that last load of moving house. Haha
It was weird not having everything accessible almost 24/7, not being able to catch a $10 cab home, and not having interesting people and personalities surrounding me, making me seem normal.
Now, being here for nearly four months, I've gone almost back to front.
Going into the city now, its so loud and fast, there is so much to look at, so many great great people to look at who see life outside of chain store shopping.
I see it all so differently after only such a short break!
I felt like such a tourist. My eyes were huge looking out of the bus window (Yes I have to catch a bus then a train and then another bus to get to the new job, completely worth it though. When I used to live in Richmond, it used to take me and hour and 40 to get to work each day, so I'm used to the stupid transport times. I can't WAIT to get my license.)
Anyway, the shop is FABULOUSSSS!!! It hurt a fair bit being there. I wanted EVERYTHING.
After my shop tour, I did the St Kilda opshops. I was so purse lipped about going to them with a 'pft as if I'll find anything in an inner city store that isn't ridiculously priced, actually I'll probably just not find anything because people around here are HAWKS!' headspace.
BUT... but I did! And was actually quite impressed with the stores.
Dresses did average around the $10 mark, which is way more than I usually pay for most things, so I was picky.
This is what I wore. (I've got alf stuart syndrome again!)

And this is what I bought.

This very mini 70's dress is quite wide, but I still bought it.
I'm actually going to sew it instead of putting it in the ever building "I'll sew this one day" pile. Reason being, the fabric is really stiff, so sticks directly outwards when its on, so if I take it in at the underarms and follow the current line, it'll be the best a line dress ever.

I also bought a brown wool bowlers hat that I forgot to take a photo of.

I can't wait to start working! Getting my city fix once or twice a week will keep me sane.


thevintageyear said...

oh my gosh Trish, if you don't want that child's dress I would SO love it! Great find!

& working in that store sounds like both a blessing and a curse! If I worked somewhere like that I'd never get paid, because all of my money would go straight back into buying stuff from the store ^_^ lucky I don't really have that problem where I work, lol.

Lavender said...

That does sound like a dream job. I'm feeling quite jealous. I love the dress you have on today too - great print.

Lauren said...

AAAGH i want the cameras you keep finding!! haha. im trying to start a collection of cameras. so far ive got a few so im excited!
Hope everything is well with you! xo

sa said...


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