Friday, November 7, 2008


Today, I got my first ever gas and electricity bill.
I was absolutely petrified when I saw them arrive. I considered not opening them, just leaving them in their envelopes and putting them straight into mail holder.
The whole, 'they don't exist if I don't open them.' theory.
But I figured it'd cause me more stress if I didn't open them, so I just did it.

I've lived out of home since the end of 2002, and I've either shared with someone, or lived in a place where utilities were included in the rent.
So I've never had the solo responsibility of paying utility bills.
I've heard so many horror stories from people lately saying that the cost of gas and electricity has gone up so much, and people saying their bills were hundreds of dollars, and that I have to be careful.
When I first moved here I was so scared of high bills I slept with 20 layers of clothing, and only turned the heater on when I had guests. Other times I'd cuddle my hot water bottle. I turned off the microwave at the power supply in hope of saving electricity. I lived like a freak stressing about bill costs.
I became much less anal as weeks went by... I'd much rather be warm and pay the cash than not. I live normally now, I'm still concious of electricity/gas, but I just don't stress about it. Another reason why I did stress when I got the bills.
Anyway, expecting to open them up and see that I owe a fortune I nearly died!
For the period of 3 months I owe...

The smaller amount is for electricity, and the other is for gas. Saweeeeeet!
I am beside myself! And so relieved.

Anyway that was a ton of talk just for a bill.
This is what I bought today

I really love the images on vintage patterns. And the design of the garments, and how reminiscent of the era's that they are. How great are these wedding dress designs? So pretty.

Fantastic glasses frames

I always buy any clothing I find in this colour. It's the colour that really makes my eyes turn super green. The colour is just so beautiful. Maybe I'll just say colour a few more times because colour is one word that I haven't put enough of in that paragraph colour colour colour.

HELLO! Very happy I bought these. I eyed them off earlier but let them go, and when I came back they were still there! Yee. The curtains I used to have in my loungeroom, I have moved into my bedroom to replace my plain yellow ones (Which are up for grabs if anyone wants them for free) And put these up.
I was getting frustrated with the ones that were previously in the lounge, because it was one single curtain so I couldn't open it. Now these ones have two drops, so I can tie them back and open the blinds to let the light in. I'm very happy with them.


Alicia said...

I love the curtains, glasses and the patterns. I'm trying to learn how to sew, but I'm completely hopeless and nowhere near pattern level yet! I blame the sewing machine :)

Fashion Hayley said...

WOW your bill is so cheap. Our 3 monthly bills are always in the $500 region and we have no idea why because we only use 1 light at night and we don't have a heater or air con that works! But guess what, we didn't get a bill due to a billing issue for 1 year! We tried to call but the line was ALWAYS engaged...well guess what, we finally got the bill and it's for $1460 fucking hell due by Nov 15. We simply can't pay it, the housemate that lived with us for that whole year has moved back to Japan so we can't get him to pay a 3rd. Stupid AGL. HATE them.

trishhunterfinds said...

Alicia - Goodluck with your sewing! I taught myself. Well kind of, I learned in grade 4 or something from Mrs Fraser and we made teddy bears.
but yeah, I retaught myself a few years ago and my god its the best thing.
Taking up jeans, simple mending are great basic things to know, but when you find a great fitting pair of jeans.... but they have that gross 90's flare to them, you can turn them into great skinnys so quickly!! Pick up a sewing machine at an opshop (make sure it works before you buy) and then google will teach you all you need to know!

Hayley - Ok now you have me stressed again. What if they made a mistake? What if that was just for a month but they did it wrong and then I get a whopping bill soon?

You should look into your bills, because that is steep for anyone! Could someone be leaching from your supply? Or could they accidentally be charging you for property power that the buildings landlord should be paying for?
$500. I'd die if that had arrived in the post.
I'd investigate for sure!

Fashion Hayley said...

We did investigate. They said they can send someone over to double check but if it is correct we have to pay $100 for the man to check the meter....annoying!

Anonymous said...

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