Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trisha misha mo misha a fia fia fo fisha

Today Mike and I went to Eltham Festival. I love love the smell of festivals. It's like you can smell the atmosphere. There is something about them that I just love so I was very excited to go. I got memories of doing a drama production there when I was in year 11 or something. I had forgotten all about it!
After that, we had nothing to do so we decided to go to Thomastown market. I would usually refuse to go that late (about 1pm) as my mind would shut itself off to everything because I'd have told myself all the bargains would have been gone by then.
Look what I got!

Very happy. It needs a bit of work, but the main frame isn't rusted which is the main point. There is rust in other parts but they are easily replaced. It could do with a new chain, and a new seat but thats easy. I love love love it.
I know I already have a rad bike, but now it has a friend.
I am not allowed to buy another one, even though I do now have two meaning it's a collection. But for $25 I couldn't not get it. They're going for heaps and heaps on ebay at the moment so if I ever want to sell it I won't have a problem.
It's very dusty and today is the best ever day to give it a good clean.
Perfect weather.

When ride retro bikes like this I feel like Veda from My Girl and am guaranteed to burst out in some veda veda bo bada tunes but with my name in its place.

I bought this from the festival...

Its lipgloss in the shape of a donut.
I wiped out the disgusting lip drying gloss that was already in it (caramel flavoured, more like caramel topping, it was disgusting) and filled it with my blistex.
Its great!

Since I got home I have been able to smell silk worms. Its really unpleasant mostly because of the silk worm experience I had in highschool when we had to grow them for science.
I kept them in this container with their mulberry leaves, and they turned into macho fat beasty caterpillars, there were TONS of them... one morning I come home after school and my dog had knocked over the container and they were all over my room... everywhere. Mum was already up their picking them off of everything, taking off my doona's and sheets, all my clothes on the floor etc. The once smell of fun for raising bugs turned to a horrible smell of imaginary caterpillars crawling on me for weeks to come.

Yuck. I really want it out of my nose.

Ok bike washing time :)


kazza said...

The T shirt looks comfy and colorful. I am a bit like you when it comes to the fabric. I like it thin. I especially like my thin threadbare spaghetti strap tops for sleep wear

peaitlreiecnia said...

awesome, awesome, awesome bike!

i had a look through my mum's old photo albums and she has all these photos that are printed the same way, with the curvy corners.

and the lipgloss idea was brilliant too. i bought one in the shape of a cupcake but never thought to take the drying lipgloss out.

hope you have a nice day


JM said...

hey trish,
cute bike.
i was wondering do you know any good op shops in essendon. or any markets around that area?
i need a new place to search through :)


trishhunterfinds said...

Kazza - Yess, even though it looks disgusting, the thiness is so good.
Best lazy tshirts!
And nothing beats a good spaghetti strap pj top :)

Peaitlreiecnia -
Oh yay, no one else I show seems to like it so I'm glad someone does.
Oh I love love love looking through my Mum and Dad's old photos. I wish they had taken more photos.
Ah, I was actually on the look out for a cupcake one! Then I found this. Where did you get your one?

And you have a nice night too :)

JM - Essendon. I never seem to have luck in Essendon.
I'm not too sure about Markets in the area, but Opshops, there is a Salvos on Keilor Road. It is a really big one with tons of stock. They seem to get lots of estate lots, but they know their prices and its very hard to find a bargain.
There is another one (Not sure of address) But its in a church near the corner of Mt Alexandra, and Keilor Road, I usually get something there, the prices are okay as most church shops are.
But you could look at mooney ponds, ascot vale, and even head in further towards the city into footscray etc.
You can do a great circuit of the western suburbs.
Goodluck anyway! Let me know if you find anything.

Also, google maps are pretty good lately. If you type opshop in, or charity I think works better, it puts pins on all the shops in an area. That might help you locate them too!

JM said...

thanks trish.
i had good luck last week, i managed to find a clutch bag, jacket, 4 scarves, lace vest and jeans which i cut off into shorts.
but i guess its just luck sometimes.

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