Sunday, November 30, 2008

They say 'Nothing in life is free'

The world has changed so much.
When I was little, on the bin day closest to Christmas my Brother and Sister would get up early in the morning and give the garbage men a 6 pack of beer and some chocolates to say thank-you as they did the job for free.
People did kind things, for no reason but knowing it will make someone else happy!
No chance anyone would do that these days!

Now days, if somethings free, there must always be a catch! If there's a sign that says the parking spot you're in is free, you sit there for a good 5 minutes reading that sign because it couldn't possibly be right.
Even as you're walking away, you look back and squint because it seems dodgy.
Even smiles aren't free anymore.
If someone smiles at you, you look to the ground quickly because they're probably going to try and sell you something.
You're lucky if you get an extra potato cake thrown in with your fish and chips!
Even hard garbage on the side of the road isn't free.
It's illegal to pick it up.

Just when I thought there wasn't any generosity left, that the world had turned completely selfish. I hear "You've got mail" (Yes I have that as my mail sound.)

It was from a man who reads my blog, who got these Christmas decorations for free at a garage sale and who's wife doesn’t like them so has no use for them. He thought perhaps I would enjoy them. Which I will! They'll be so cute on my tree! How adorable are the angels eyes?

I was delighted! The fact he even thought of me, a complete stranger, then went out of his way to take a photo of them, to email me, and even offer to post them to me, and for nothing in return except perhaps a good feeling of doing something nice made my day!

I think I might take this as an experience, and do the same for someone else when the time is right, and hopefully they'll do the same, and etc and etc.
Hopefully this blog will inspire you guys to think similarly, and we can slowly change the world back to how it used to be!


Sarah said...

Aww, was a nice post and what a nice mystery man!

Skye said...

I've had lots of experiences like that in my years of online life (mostly forums before blogging). Those lovely connections and random acts of kindness are the flipside of the scam emails and the flame wars and negative commenters.

I think the spirit of generosity hasn't died, it's just found new ways of working!

honey and lemon said...

aww thats so sweet.
what a generous man

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