Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today was a great day at work, because the opshop was choccas with goodies!
I always love opening up because I get there just after the opshop ladies do, and get dibs on the good things before the antique dealers get in.
Today I had a proud moment, as for the first time EVER, I mixed patterns. I didn't get a photo of myself, but I basically wore this scarf, and a stripey tshirt.

I can be so pretty sometimes haha.

Probably the most wrong thing ever (I can't tell, note the whole never ever wearing mixed patterns) See I can't even bring myself to wear a black belt and tan shoes. I'm a complete matchy freak when it comes to clothes, so today was a big step for me.
I would have been queen in the 80's, shoes, belt and bag in every colour from tangerine to coral! ahha, oh well. Today I was proud :)

This is what I bought today.

I've been looking for a hat stand for a long time, and I came across this crappy wooden one for only $6, and I figured its going to be covered in hats and bags and I will hardly see its anyway so it'll do the trick.

Carrying it home was interesting. I felt like I was in a loungeroom everywhere I went, on the train, at the traffic lights, even in the public toilets (I couldn't wait!)

But might I just say, that if I had a Mary Poppins carpet bag, I would carry one with me everywhere! You have no idea how handy it was in that public toilet! The amount of times I've sat down holding/balancing a million things because there's no hook behind the door, and putting anything on the floor is a call for instant disposal, so having a portable hat stand was fantastic!

I also picked up this coloured glass ashtray. (Needs a clean) Glass is probably least known area of expertise when it comes to collectibles. I can't tell one from another, but I'm slowly learning. For one thing I know that colour, weight and design are important. So if I'm going to buy, I make sure it's a desirable piece that I actually like, so if its not valuable, at least I like it.
Although I'm not a smoker, I did buy this. I will use it for something other than an ashtray. But the fact its glass, a weird design, AND an ashtray, for $2 I figured it was a good deal. I think ashtrays will become way more collectible than they are now. Smoking is dying out, and will one day become a thing of the past, therefore making ashtrays very collectible. Yep.

And... zing, I picked up the glasses I wore in the first photo, and these ones!

I already have two pairs of the aviators, but one pair have the AV missing, and the other pair one of its arms fell off :(.
So now I have spare parts!

AND this gorgeous piece of costume jewelery! Love ittt!

Thats all from me! :)


Sarah said...

The red glasses are cute - also I can't believe you carried that coat rack on PT. You're braver than I would have been.

peaitlreiecnia said...

i love how you find so many AMAZING things, your house must look incredible

and thanks for your comment and your title, i've always wanted to know how that was spelt


honey and lemon said...

That scarf is cute. Can you post a picture of it, a close up?
The hat stand is amazing. You carried it on public. wooah.
The red glasses are cute too.

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