Sunday, November 23, 2008

The poo pit.


Well I've had a great day.

Besides the fact that I've had, and will continue to have ridiculously cold showers because my pilot light blew out and I can't get it relit so its cold showers until the agents come. (Great weather for it huh?)
And besides the fact in order for me to get to the hot water service, to try to light it myself, I have to walk through the place where the neighbours discard of their dogs dog poo. (Its a dangerous minefield)
And besides the fact I met someone today, was completely unfunny and had a 'prue and trude' voice on.
And besides the fact I came home to a sugar bowl full of ants.

Its been great!

I hung out with my friend Clare, who I've been friends with since grade 2. She's an officer in the Navy now so she's not often in Melbourne. But she's back till after Christmas so its great to catch up. We went to savers on a search for some jodhpurs which we happened to find in the perfect size and by sportsgirl of all brands. Very pleased.

This is what I bought.

This pot has been sitting there a while, which to me says 'no one wants this, it must be crap' but I gave in and just bought it because I love the colours. It'll look fab on my stove.

I've been on the hunt for a non boring/disgusting looking cake pan for a while and found this anodized orange one that hasn't been chucked in a dishwasher yet! Whoohoo!

And then we went to my most hated place in the world.
The shopping centre/plaza/mall.
I don't like anything about those places. I could rant about them for ages but I don't want to insult anyone.
Anyway, since I always avoid going there, my perfume department has been dry for too long, so treated myself today.
I got the old Stella Mccartney perfume. When ever I smell it on someone I am always envious, but now I smell delicious! Yee.

Well I'm off to walk through the poo pit to try and prevent some swearing in the morning.


To add to my fantastic day, I'd like to share that just 5 minutes ago when I went to go to the bathroom, I felt a squelch. I have flooded my bathroom haha.
Oh dearrrrr.
I guess I'll be more conscious of plugs/towels in the laundry sink while I'm doing a load of washing. Ughhhh.

What a day.


Alicia said...

aww, what a horrible day! Oh well. Outfit post?

thevintageyear said...

Oh dear, I hope you have a better day tomorrow. On the upside, that has got to be one of the cutest pots I ever saw. ALSO, I LOVE your outfit post below vvv

I especially love the blue turtleneck/blue and green skirt outfit. Just goes to show how wrong the old adage 'blue & green should never be seen' is!

Also, been meaning to tell you when I was in NZ I saw a gorgeous lime green floor length sleeved maxi dress with gold braided trims and I thought of you! I haven't been reading your blog long but you have such a distinctive style. The only downside was that it was expensive ($16 on the retro rack - don't ya hate that??!)

Lavender said...

What a day! That perfume is the best. I love it.

trishhunterfinds said...

Alicia - I'm lucky I saw the humour in the day! No outfit post for today, I haven't been doing many lately because I've been feeling so hayfevery and puffy and gross! But I did do one today :)

The Vintage Year - Today was much better than yesterday haha. No disasters. Thankfully!
Thanks for your compliments!! Eeee! I am glad I bought the pot. I know if I went there and it was gone I would dwell on it.
Oooh, lime green, well any green is my favorite colour by far!! I would have LOVED it! But you're right, that good old 'retro rack' does drive me nuts, so I probably would have left it too! But I still would have thought about it. I still think about this orange one that I saw at savers a while ago. It was about $20, but it was so pretty. Oh well, we can't have it all.

Lavender - Oh I'm lovvvving the perfume! I got two compliments today! It was definitely worth the cost!!

Anonymous said...

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