Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh the joys of public transport.


So I went shopping today on my normal favorite route.
The normal favorite route where I never have any problems with travel.
And today, I waited 15 minutes for the bus to the train station on my way home, and when it came, I politely greeted the driver as I normally do, put my ticket in the machine and it said 'wrong zone' It's never said wrong zone before.
Anyway, the driver practically abuses me like I'm some scumbag, and said
"Nope gotta walk to the next stop for zone 2 love, now buy a ticket or get off"
"Are you serious? I have to buy a ticket for one bus stop?" (I could even see the next stop just like 50 meters away)
"Yep now make up your mind your holding up the line"
So I got off, SO not happy and walked.
The stop where I attempted to get on was a time stop where they usually sit there a little bit to get their timing back on track. So I made it to the next stop before the bus left.
In my head I was like Hahah suckerrr.
Anyway, the bus leaves the time stop heading towards me and I do a friendly hale, (Its always so much more fun to be nice than nasty to someone you dislike) And he didn't stop for me! He drove straight past.
I saw everyone on the bus turn their heads to watch me as it drove past.
I couldn't believe it. I swear my jaw fell to the ground. I double looked the sign, double blinked, and double thought about it. He definitely intentionally left me there!
:( Horrible evil bus driver.

Anyway I picked up a few good things today. I spent $3.50 in total, Bargain!

This is what I bought.

I've had my eyes pealed for an old fashioned hand beater for a while now. They're hard to come by as they're collectible now, and I'm not prepared to buy them from a collectibles store. I knew my time would come when I'd stumble across one myself. And today was the day.
Not a sign of rust on it. It's in perfect condition besides the paint loss on the wooden handles which is bound to happen with use, and all adds to the patina of the object.
I'm definitely baking tea cakes tonight. Very excited.

A boxed polaroid camera which is destined for eBay.

And this unusual jacket. A tad too small for me, but it was interesting, and for $1 I couldn't say no.

I mentioned in the previous post I was going to an estate garage sale. Well unfortunately I didn't pick up any great finds. Which I am never disappointed in when that happens, because usually its because I'm smart enough not to buy crap, meaning I'm successful. So its always win win.

I went to a couple more garage sales in the area, which I had bookmarked on my iphone maps the night before (The greatest tool for opshoppers/garage salers)
And I picked up some more vintage badges to add to my collection.
The lot for $1. Very happy.

I was also delighted/puzzled to find that modepass had used two of my images for their online magazine. Of all the thousands of people they chose my pics. I'll put that in my compliment sleeve thankyou!



Sarah said...

what a nasty bus driver that was! grrr....

i can't believe you found a polaroid camera, that's fantastic! where abouts do you normally tend to shop?

trishhunterfinds said...

I know! Karma will get him!

I know, I was psyched when I found it. Mind you they aren't in that short supply. Opshops haven't caught on that they're becoming collectible now that they don't make film for them anymore (Which realistically is stupid because why would you want it) But anyhow, are often chucked in the old crappy camera baskets.
So keep ur eyes out!

My regular routes are the Northern Suburbs areas, so Greensborough, Eltham, etc. Then once a week or so, I try to go somewhere out of the way like Frankston, Ringwood, Footscray etc.
It's good exercise and a good and cheap way to get out of the house.

What are your normal shopping areas?

Sarah said...

normally frankston and dandenong, but i tend to do all the op shops along the way from the city. takes me about a day for each. sometimes ringwood and eastern burbs when i can con someone into driving me.

Kazza said...

You are a famous model Trish. I am in awe of you girlfriend. What a great photo shoot.

I have got two hand beaters and they were both 50 cents each. I was rapt to find my second one a few weeks ago. I would never pay for anything in those expensive second hand collectable shops/barns.

I have sent you an email to check out the kaftan on Ebay no pressure to bid just want lyou to know I am ebaying and you have given me the inspitation. Thanks

honey and lemon said...

great finds.
you found a polariod i've been looking for one everywhere.
and that bus driver tsk tsk.
take a look at my blog?
love your style by the way.

Alicia said...

I love the interesting jacket! I'll be looking out for it on ebay! Congrats by the way, your photos are great and you really deserve it!
PS: Not all bus drivers are meanies, one gave my sister a free ticket when she lost hers coz the ticket inspector was on...and then one bus driver drove into some poles on the side of the road...I guess it varies :)

thevintageyear said...

awww I remember those handbeaters, making cakes with mum when little. I haven't thought about them for YEARS! Fancy them being collectible now, who woulda thought!

Great finds, as always!

StrikeMatch said...

I've never had a good experience with a bus driver. It seems like all the mean ones want to pick on me! Maybe because I look weak??

That jacket is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Congratulations on the modepass shots. said...

I love you. Your life sounds exactly like mine. xx

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