Tuesday, November 4, 2008



I've had a dream day for finding things.
This is what I bought :)

First of all, these were a present from a friend! How lucky am I?

These are my second favorite S&P's.

Cute blouse

Witchery singlet

Italian Leather shoes Mmmm

Basic chuck on old tee, got one in red too.

Amazing dress! The lace back is completely fabulous.

Then I hit the jackpot. Some lady had donated a bunch of her old clothes and also this dress mannequin. Very flower power and very me. Can't wait to start pinning and sewing on her.

2 Piece dress and jacket in perfect condition.

This is a home made two piece which has had so much care gone into it.
I know it looks pretty frumpy and gross, but I think when winter comes I'll be able to work with it. The fabrics great so I'm going to have to.

YUM! How great is this maxi dress. It has a few stains but they'll come out with a dose of sard. The beading is so heavy and lovely.

And then, I got this eBay package on my door when I got home.
Its a vintage female safari suit. (the flared pants are underneath) It's so so so good. It cost me $4. Bargain.


angel wings and hearts said...

the fabric is lovely in the hand made paisley two piece. you scored well. the thrifting fairy hasn't been that good to me in the last week. ah well, save my money i guess! tho i did get a sleevless dress with zip down the front, only coz i liked the fabric. will take a pic soon.

kazza said...

Okay Trish, I have to level with you and get it off my chest - I hope you forgive me but I am as jealous as all hell. I am not really the jealous type and never try and keep up with others but the green eyed monster in me came out today when I logged in and viewed your dressmakers dummy. And in that cool fabric and all. I yelled out to my hubby and said I was so upset look what Trish has scored. He just replied it is okay honey. But Trish it is not okay I want it! Seriously, yes I am a bit envious but I am so glad you have it because you will love it to bits. Gosh I hope I can sleep tonight and get over this Kazza

StrikeMatch said...

The dressmakers doll is awesome. I heart the pattern... I got one a few weeks ago myself. After 3 years of looking because new ones don't go down to my size.

It's always the best when a group of things have been donated by the one lady. I like/love imagining the crazy things they did.

Missa said...

Oh are you kidding me with that dress form... SO COOL!

trishhunterfinds said...

Angel wings - Yes I love love paisley! Its so colourful and interesting.
I loveee the dresses you bought!
Looking forward to seeing the sleevless one.

Kazza - I fully laughed out loud at that comment. Im sorry I took such pleasure in your jealousy!
I even showed my boss your message and she laughed too!
Will it hurt anymore if I say that it's also made in England? Still with its plastic wrapper on it?
Or will it hurt less if I say I still think it was a bargain, though I did pay a fair amount for it? It cost me $140. I know, so not a masssssive bargain. I mean if I had payed $5 or something ridiculous for it it'd be worth the pain... but you can feel a bit better for it being at that price? haha. Eitherway I hope you did sleep okay!

Strikematch - Oh thats interesting about the size part of it! Where did you get yours and how much was it? If you don't mind saying!
I didn't know it was so restrictive in sizes!

I LOVE when a lady donates all her things. It's like an egg hunt on easter. A similar panic to what you had as a kid desperate to find the most eggs first.

Missa - I know I nearly died too!!
But the price was rather steep for me so it wasn't the greatest find ever! I do love it though because it's got asthetic quality when it's not being used as well as practicallity! :)

Anonymous said...

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