Saturday, November 22, 2008

I nearly died! :(


I'm still shaking.

I just went to cook myself some bacon and eggs for dinner. (I'm a big breakfast for dinner fan)
And as I plugged in my electric frypan, a massive explosion came from the power supply, circuited the power in my whole house, and even blackened my hand.


Its weird because I've known the cord has been faulty for years. But my theory is, it worked last time so it has to be ok. Wrong.
And this time was the first time I had used it since I had been watching those electrocution commercials where they say 'if you're unsure don't use it' or something like that, and so as i was plugging it in, i was thinking of the add, and only held onto the plastic coating on the cord incase. I'm lucky I didn't have my hands around the open wires. :(:(:(:( I know i'm stupid but I just wanted bacon.

Hopefully you'll learn from my stupidity and not use dodgy looking appliances.


Last night I hosted a games night at my place.
I haven't laughed so hard in ages!
I'd quote a heap of quotes but they barely make sense to me now, so there's no chance you'd get them haha. Instead I'll leave you with a few photos of the night.

The one of the back of Liam and my couch is from when we were all piled on and one of the legs collapsed. Haha we all got such a fright. All fixed now though! There's no chance I'll go telling dad. He needs no more evidence that the couch is crap haha.
AND I wore my trackies!! Yipeee
Have a go at guessing what the last picture is. Hahha.

And last of all, this is what I bought yesterday.

A large vintage Oroton mesh bag. Brand new. Still with tags, and the mirror still wrapped up. $10 Yeee

Whenever I see this glasses of this shape, from this angle in an opshop, I always feel like charlie out of Willy Wonka. That feeling he gets when he opens each bar of chocolate, hoping to find a golden ticket.
Every time I see them, I pause, think "Please please please" and do a quick flip to see the brand. And 95% of the time they're cheap knockoffs.
But this time... For a mere $2 I scored another pair of raybans. Nicccce.


Fashion Hayley said...

Woah that is scary! Is your hand ok? Blackened sounds worrying, maybe you need to see a doctor? I am really funny about electric appliances and gas, I hate plugging things in, and in Japan you not only plug in your electric appliances but your gas ones too, now that was scary! You had to unplug the gas oven to plug in the gas heater, and it's this old plug that looks like a BBQ plug. Crazyness.

peaitlreiecnia said...

a near death experience, goodness gracious, i hope you are okay.

on a lighter note, the games night looked like an awful lot of fun and the bags are just too wonderful.

i love the old ladies at Vinnies, they're always so sweet. i always feel like paying them more and they're always like 'it's okay dear, you can have it for $5'

hope you have a nice day

trishhunterfinds said...

I know! I its completely changed me.
I went to plug in my nintendo today, and I did it wish such caution.
My hands fine. It sort of stung for a little bit, and had a weird smell where the black bits were.
The black bits were basically around the section that was close to where I was holding the plug.
i can't believe what its like in Japan! I went there in 1999 with school and can't remember having to plug in gas. That really is scary.

Peaitlreiecnia - Your name is so hard to type haha, I bet I always get it wrong!
Haha yeah I don't think I came close to death realistically, but it was fun to say so. I think if I hadn't have had the commercials in the back of my head I could have been in more trouble.
Yess the games night was so much fun. I'm still laughing at things that happened.
Yes there are some lovely opshop ladies. I always give extra to small ones run by volunteers where all proceeds go to charity. Because most of the time they don't know the value of things (Unlike savers/salvos etc) so you often find a great bargain, and feel happy to donate even more.

Hope you have a lovely day too :)

Sarah said...

Eeek! That sounds scary - your story will definitely make me a lot more cautious when I use old appliances with exposed wires and the like.

Hope you're recovered from your fright! And I agree with fashionhalyey - you should see a doctor about your hand.

Missa said...

Yikes! So glad you're ok! That's why I'm always paranoid about thrifting things like lamps and such with old cords.

Game nights are SO much fun!!! I'm one of the most mellow people you will ever meet but when it comes to games I do have a wicked competetive streak. I once overturned a scrabble board all over poor Lucas, haha, not pretty.

Anonymous said...

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