Monday, November 24, 2008

He called me Carrots!


So as you know I flooded my bathroom last night.
It ended up causing more damage than i thought.
My hairdryer, and a 12 pack of toilet rolls went down.
So off to my favorite place, Greensborough plaza for the second time in two days to replace them.
This is what I wore. Very very wrong outfit for the weather. I was so so hot all day.

If you are a 'spot the difference' fan, you may notice that my fringe is shorter. Possibly the shortest its ever been. Although it mightn't seem much different to the average eye, I feel very odd. When I look in the mirror I feel very Abby Sciuto / Becca from Californication. Eep I have a goth fringe.
I'm not a big fan but unlike the rest of my hair (It seems) my fringe grows faster than weeds, so I'll have my good old 'I can't see anything' fringe back soon.

I'm very excited for tomorrow.
Clare and I are having a day dedicated solely to Anne of Green Gables.
644 minutes of romance, tragedy, imagination, and of course swooning over Gilbert Blythe.
I can't count how many times we have spent a whole day doing just that.
Oh we've cried, and laughed, we've bagged out how bad the series gets the further along it goes (yet still watched it), and ate ourselves silly while doing so. Haha.
Tomorrow will be no exception.

Yesterday I was forwarded the following website
I have seen the pictures floating about, but have never gone and done it myself.
To kill some time I had a go.
It was actually quite humorous.
Here are some of my creations.


Raybies said...

Just been catching up on your adventures. And I think its time to have a fatherly talk to you. I'm sure if your Dad read the bit about the frying pan he would have had a fit!!!!!.
You dont often get second chances with electricty. What you said about not holding the cord by the open wires sent shivers down my back. The post before that could have been your last one. If you can see wires throw the cord away, if you can see cracks in the plastic/rubber covering or if the cord has plastic tape wrapped around it throw it away. And cut it up before you throw it away. Even if its a really cute retro electric appliance you really do have to be extra careful. If you really have to use it pay an electrictian to check it to see if its safe to use.
Also when a short circuit that big happens then you should have lost power to the unit. You should have a "saftey switch" installed on your switch board that cuts out the power when a short happens so that you dont get electrcuted. You should check with the landlord. They are not that expensive, I thought about $90 and they just plug into the main fuse although an electrician should do it.
And while I'm going did I read on your blog that you try to get to the microwave before the beeps go? (not sure if it was you or not) but the beeps are there for a reason, it give time for the microwaves to stop bouncing around and when the beeps finish its safe to put your hand in. If you put your hand in before the beeps end then you are microwaving your hand a little bit each time. Anyway enough of the Dad talk but I do hope you got a really big fright and you are lucky you only got a big fright.
My daughter loves the Glomesh bag.

thevintageyear said...

Wow you really should have been a teenager in the '80s, that big perm looks scarily good on you (those have got to be words rarely uttered in the same sentence together!)

Also agree with what the poster above said, be careful Trish! Don't know what all of us would do without your daily posts ;)

trishhunterfinds said...

Hii ray!
I love your messages!!
Thanks for being my... online dad? haha
I did call my dad as soon as it happened to ask what to do, weather it was safe to unplug after it happened etc and he did give me the lecture.
He's a technician so is good with all of that sort of stuff.
I also should be a lot smarter than I was as I have done a lot and watched him do a lot of stuff with cords and circuits etc and he has told me it all before in the past. I was just really stupid.
I'm laughing at your message with an image in my head of you reading the part where I didn't hold the cord by the open wires hahaha. Oh dear. I really can't help but laugh at myself/slap myself on the forehead.
I am so so so cautious of it now, and never ever do anything twice.
I was late for work once because I set my alarm wrong and am now creepily conscious of alarm checking.
And ever since the episode with the frypan I've been edgy about things.
When I had to go and light the gas hot water service with a match because the igniter was broken, I swear I sweated a bucketfull aha.
My friend coughed while I was just looking at the service and I jumped.
I'm fairly sure my dad has the electric testing hardware, and I think I'll just save my purchases for him to test before I use them from now on, and will definately thorourly look at the cords of items bought at opshops etc!
And if I do find something super dodgy but on a fabulous thing, I'm fairly sure cords can be replaced if its worth it.
I have a bunch of bakelite radios that I'd love to get done, though I'm not sure if it'd effect their value. Hmm

My power did go off, the switch did work and flipped off at the mains thankfully! I think I would have left with more than a black hand if I didn't!!

Thanks so much for telling me about the microwave beeping! (Yes it was me!) Never would have thought that! I thought it was simply to let you know your foods done! I never really wanted a radioactive hand so your knowledge is well appreciated!

Thanks again for your post!!
Hope to hear more from you!


StrikeMatch said...

Nooooo, not the toilet paper, it's too expensive.

I like your inappropriate outfit, it's fairly bright and punchy. And you looked great in the eighties, very earnest.

*Deline said...

those red glasses are FABULOUS !!!

peaitlreiecnia said...

oh that looks hilarious i will have to try it

your outfit is amazing. that top, those glasses...

and you are the first i know of who likes anne of green gables!

ldvnicole said...

You have no idea how happy your comment made me! I am completely honored that someone with your level of taste thinks so highly of me!! I absolutely love your style and I get very jealous when I see you hair, I want your color and silky straightness.

Nicole :)

Anonymous said...

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