Saturday, November 1, 2008


Oh my gosh. I've been so so so busy.
Halloween is the busiest time of the year at work, so I've either been there, or working on Halloween party things so haven't had much blogging time.
So this week I'll try and show you the things I've bought during the past week as I go.
But this blog is all about last night... HALLOWEEN. (Yes I know it was on Friday but we're ignoring that)

It was hosted by Stacey, Laura-Jade and myself for the second year in a row and wow.
Everyone went to double the effort, it was incredible.
I'm so proud. What a great night!
My favorite costume by far was Gwen Stefani. She was in character all night. Completely fantastic.

My favorite quote of the night was from Laura-Jade who when she caught a glimpse of my legs said "omg you even dead-a-fied your legs... or are you wearing stockings?"
and I reply "........ummmmmm nope! They're just my legs!" hahahaah

You can now see the dress I've been working on. Bits kept falling apart all night, but I didn't unravel completely so it was okay.
You know when you work on something for so long and you end up hating it?
That happened to me with the dress. I really didn't want to even wear it by the end of it, but after I did my makeup and got dressed I was in love with my costume again and couldn't wait to get there.

We got there super late because of graffiti losers tagging our train, but we all still managed to get the place set up and looking amazing. 8 foot inflatable pumpkins, dead zombie brides, tomb stones, cobweb, helium balloons. The place was incredible.

On the way home I began to peal off my then very itchy latex neck. (Which turned out sooooo good by the way) and I'm still covered in the stuff. It's all in my hair and everywhere. ughhh. Oh well.

Ok here comes a million photos. (In no particular order)

House inspection tomorrow.... Time to clean the hardened blood from EVERYWHERE. haha

By the way, I'm not just dressed period style, I'm Anne Boleyn. King Henrys second wife who was decapitated for high treason, adultery and incest! Lovely!


thevintageyear said...

oh my goodness your neck looked so scary close up! looks like a great party!

StrikeMatch said...

Your costumes is so amazingly amazing! And you made that yourself?!?!?! You win.

angel wings and hearts said...

your costume looks great. you did a wonderful job. and if i can say so your neck looks creepy!!! - which is how it is supposed to look. very clever you are! :)

kazza said...

Gosh the lady in the red cape with the bear looks like the judge on America's So You think You Can Dance.

Awesome Trish thanks for sharing all the fun. You look gooly for real well done.

trishhunterfinds said...

The vintage year - Yesss it was the best time! The pic of my neck is at its very end of life. It just kept drying out all night and ended up looking like that! I'll try and get a pic of it when it was in its prime from someone else!

Strikematch - Yesss I made it! Well mostly. It was definately worth all the sewing machine tantrums, gluegun blisters, and spotlight crowd rage! haha

Angel Wings - Thankyou so much :)

Kazza - Oh my gosh she really does! Hahah thats so funny.
Thankyouuuu! :) I had the best time! Already looking forward to last time!

Missa said...

Excellent costume and great job on the dress! Looks like it was a super fun party :D

seralouise said...

omg these are scary . looks so much fun though !

Anonymous said...

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