Saturday, November 22, 2008

Got bored, got retro!

Today, I was over being hayfevery and fugly and decided to prettify.
I went all out and even dragged out the hair extensions that I avoid wearing in fear of looking like a cheap hooker/clueless 16 year old girl.
Then, my plans for the day were canceled, so no one was going to see my once in a lifetime long hair, and I wasn't going to be self conscious of people seeing clips all day. What a waste! So it called for a photoshoot.
There are so many items of clothing in my wardrobe that I may never wear as they're so costume/unbreathable/clostrophobic/short? haha but had the need to wear them so I can justify owning them, and can look at it from front view instead of shoved on a coathanger view.
You'll probably see a lot that I've posted in this blog actually!
It was lots of fun and tied over my hair extension craving. Haha

Anyway here goes...

So thats what my Sunday involved!

Oh and this is what I actually wore today!

I'm trying to wear all the winter items I haven't worn yet while the weathers in this menopausal state. Hot flushes, cold chills, gah.
I just know I'm going to regret not wearing so many things. I took winter for granted while it was here. Sigh.


Lavender said...

Oh too cool. I have a stash of these clothes too. I save them up for when I have nothing interesting to blog about. That yellow dress is the most amazing thing. said...

Look 4 and 9 are my faves! What a hottie! xx

honey and lemon said...

wow amazing.
lol the skirt you were wearing on friday

StrikeMatch said...

You look amazing in every single one of those outfits! Wear them!Especially the watermelon suit.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

God, I love those orangey/brown t/bar shoes!

trishhunterfinds said...

Lavender - Ooh I can't wait to see yours! I think clothes from that era are fabulous. They're so well made and interesting!! The yellow dress is fabulous. It's so heavy with all the beading. Love it.

Kat - Yes they're my favorites too! They're pure wool though so very very hot so haven't got around to wearing them yet.

Honey & Lemon - I too liked my outfit on friday. Usually after I wear an outfit I'm over it. But with this one I regretted wearing it on such a nothing day, and for not pulling it out while it was still cool! Oh well!

Strike Match - Hahha how good is the watermelon suit? Its so wrong its great!

Claire - Oh my dear t-bars. They've gone through the wars and are looking a little drab. They're my most used heals, so they're getting all scratched. I'm hoping to get them fixed up soon!

Anonymous said...

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