Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Dream Tee

I have a true love for two things.
1) Clothing with attached hoods.
2) Faded, worn out, falling apart tshirts that are so thin that if you were to hold them up to the light you could see all behind it.
It's probably a gross thing. I mean the only people who are going to wear them to this state are the overweight sweaty couch potato men who get crazy big sweat patches from just walking to the letter box, and who's wives had enough of seeing them in this filthy tshirt they donated it. Which is kind of gross that they wouldn't just chuck it in the first case... But anyway, good for me. I'll buy your filthy sweaty clothes!
See I love them. It's like someones done the wearing in for you and left you with your favorite t-shirt that usually takes years for you to create!
And instead of just having one, you can have heaps, because you don't have to wear one to death to get the result! You can just buy them!
Anyway. Today I found my new favorite old tee.
My previously favorite tee did also have a hood, but it just doesn't compare to this one.
Before I show you, yes, I do realise that 95% of you will turn your nose up at it. Like my boss who thought I was joking when I pulled it out of my bag. I know she was secretly hoping I wouldn't rock up to work in it.
But if you could just understand the rarity of such a rundown item, you'd realise it's pure luck! Because most people would think it'd be too yuck to donate and throw it out.
Ooooh I will be living in this tee. After a good wash of course.

Ok here it is. My new favorite item of clothing.

Beautiful isn't it! Haha

And this is my other bargain buy. I got two sets of these shadow boxes which I suspect are 1950's? Although I can't find any japan markings or anything so I'm not sure. They're definately not modern though.
I was lucky enough to turn up on day one of half price bric-a-brac. Joy. Got both sets for $2.50. I can't wait to put them up.

And thats all from me today.

I'm off to hand wash my new tee. I really really really need a washing machine.


Fashion Hayley said...

Hey I missed out on your ebay auction, I should have put a sniper on it, oh well someone else can enjoy it's divine written on beauty.

kazza said...

Check out my little shelf unit on my blog. I love it for all those nicky nacky ornaments. Maybe you can do something similar with your shadow box?

kazza said...

Trish, I forgot to say that you have saved heaps on your utilities which is more in your pocket for op shopping - well done.

Anonymous said...

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