Monday, November 17, 2008


Today my brother and I went to visit Mum out in Chelsea.
My brother and I fought all the way, we fought the whole time there, and we fought all the way home, it was great. I miss the bickering sometimes. Even when it means being intentionally tripped when I least expect it, being teased, putting his finger so close to me but not touching, and when I say 'stop it' he says 'but I'm not doing anything' You know all that annoying stuff that you hate at the time but smile once they've left.
I didn't expect to get to go to the opshops today, as my Brother does that teenage groan when he even hears the word. But we tricked him saying we were going to go and get food from the super market and ran in.
This is what I bought.

This was my favorite find. It's a vintage childrens dress with a cute flower on the collar and a giant bow on the back. Fits like a dream, even when I move my arms haha.
Although like I've said before pink is my least favorite clothing colour. Makes me look sick. So I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

Another apron for my apron collection!

These fabulous 80's shorts. Sorry Milroy but they're keepers.

Mum picked me up these raybans for 50c.

Yee. I also can't stop buying bathers. All year around. My favorite style are the ones with the built in tutus. But usually they're in larger sizes for the nannas who want to hide their wobbly bits, equipt with built in bra's to hold their other wobbly bits. So finding a small size in a non gross pattern is rare, but I'm always looking.
Today whilst raiding the bathers box I found these ones! In my size without booby holders. I love them. Beach beach beach beach!!!

And last of all I found this tie die dress. I felt a bit raver when I tried it on as the colours and the feeling of the fabric is a bit 'inacoma' but I couldn't leave it there for someone else to make something out of.

Pretty good for a non opshopping day.

This year my family aren't doing presents presents this year as we're all broke.
So we're just getting together for a bbq, and giving each other little things.
My mums the best shopper for me. She knows my taste so well, so I told her to stop giving me all the little things she picks up from opshops and just hold them until Christmas and that can be my present.
But knowing Mum she can't hide things. She gave me a glimpse of a part of it.
It's a psychedelic flower power flour sifter. I've never seen one as good as this! Not even in the books!
She said to me "There was a girl that dresses like you stalking me in that opshop just waiting for me to put the things in my basket back! But I didn't! haha"

Also... I'd like to announce that I'VE GOT A DIMPLE!
Very exciting. I've always always wanted them. They're the best fashion accessory ever and I've hated any girl that has them.
But I have one in my left cheek! Everyones been pointing it out lately! Its so exciting haha. After Mum noticed it today, she followed the compliment with "Its probably just a wrinkle" Grrrr. ITS A DIMPLE!!


honey and lemon said...

my sister has dimples.
so cute.
the dress is gorgeous. and it looks stunning.
even though you dont like pink you should keep it and wear it.

Sarah said...

tagged ye

Lavender said...

that pink dress is the cutest on you.

Sarah said...

heh, i read that! lots of drama in blogland tonight... ooo. Thanks for the support though! I guess I can see where she was coming from but it would probably be better if it wasn't written in such an aggressive tone.

ldvnicole said...

You are so great, I really want the mickey mouse swim suit!!!!!

peaitlreiecnia said...

i'm slowly starting to really get into op-shopping

you always find the most amazing things


StrikeMatch said...

You can dimples! I want some!
The pink dress is adorable and from this angle (on the screen) it looks pretty damn awesome on you.

Missa said...

The pink dress is SO adorable, I love the neckline! I'm imagining you wearing it with that green apron sifting flour with your flower power sifter and smiling such that your new dimple (congrats on that btw) gives off a sparkle :D

cheshirecat said...

i think the dress looks beautiful, esp. the bow.

plus i saw the polaroid camera, polaroid cameras will be so hard to find soon, if only i had an ebay account.

trishhunterfinds said...

Honey & Lemon - Oh I still am very jealous of your sister. I'm sure her dimples are real and not wrinkles haha. I think I will keep the dress. I've had a lot of lovely compliments on it, and you never know when you'll need that one dress that you regrettably sold ages ago. (done that!)

Lavender - Yee I'm definitely warming to it!

Sarah - I think shes horrible. Not a fan in the slightest.

Nicole - I LOVE MICKEY!! Noooobody I've shown likes it. I think they're stupid. haha. I'll be living in it!

Peaitlreiecnia - OH GOOD!! I want to see some of the things you find :) Post the goodies for us all to drool over! :)

Strikematch - Maybe they'll come for you too!! Perhaps we're late dimple bloomers?
Perhaps i've just dreamed so hard for them that I was granted them as a wish? haha

Missa - Haha I laughed at your comment! I just realised how silly it probably was posting such a pointless topic about a dimple/wrinkle haha. But then I realised that 95% of my blogs are nonsense anyway so it fits in well! haha.
You've got me craving a good photoshoot. I'm thinking 1950's housewife is quite suitable by the things I have been purchasing of late. :)

Cheshire Cat - I know, its scary how something can go from being something you see everywhere, to being nearly dead. At least we have the heads up and can get onto collecting them while they're still reasonably accessible!

So many lovely comments!!
Thanks guys :)
Made my day!

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