Thursday, November 13, 2008


What's going on?
My arms aren't aching,
I'm not dizzy/seasick from watching water turning clockwise, no anti clockwise, no clockwise.
My hands aren't wrinkly,
I don't have a line of dirty water across my clothes where I've leaned into the sink.
I'm not angry at the world,
Yet still, I have clean clothes... how can this be?


I tell you what, I hope I never ever re-encarnate into one. Because that's one hell of a job they do.
I really really appreciate my machine and will never ever take it for granted.
I promise to never overload you, or put hot and melty hair straightners ontop of you.

I hope to never ever ever hand wash anything again.

There is no way I would have survived in the non-washing-machine'th century.

Anyway here is a couple of photos of my saviour.

I've never even seen one with pretty lights and push buttons. Only ever knobs that make an "i'm breaking" noise as you turn them. I'm so lucky.

Please don't go all environmentally attacky on me and kill my high. I do know it's only one star. But it was in my budget.

What is ironic, is that just as I have the ability to wash the clothes pile that's been building, therefore leaving even less space on the racks once they're all hung up... one of my racks breaks doesn't it. Completely twists and collapses due to the ridiculous amount of weight I had put on it. It died about a week ago, so did a fantastic job of taping it back up. I thought I was brilliant. And every time I'd see it I'd pretend it was just me who saw it bending/leaning/dying. But no... It's time was up.

So now... I have to squish the clothes from that rack somewhere else, and have NO idea where the loads of washing I have ahead of me are going to go.
Murphys law I guess. Sigh.
Anyway for now its bed time. Early start tomorrow.

There's an estate clearance garage sale near my house on Saturday. Psyched. My hopes are high and am not yet prepared to be let down. Saturday could be either very good or very very bad. We'll see.


Johanna said...

lovelyyyyyyy page

kazza said...

Hi Trish and congrats on your new purchase. You are a girl who definitely must have a washing machine with all that you buy. I washed by hand for over 6 months back a few years. It was only me at that stage and I could not afford a washer so I know what you went through. My son recently purchased a front loader on my recommendations not because of the water so much but they are gentle on most clothes. I have both types of washers and they have their advantages and disadvantages. It is what you can afford that counts in the final wash excuse the pun.

Gosh I am not surprised your rack collapsed with all your stuff. I hope the foundations are strong.

You asked about the stain on your tie die dress. I have that problem too sometimes and know that there is not much one can do. Sometimes covering with ribbon/braid or cutting off the material to shorten it if the stain is further down near the hem. These are instant remedies but of course will change the look.

Any ways happy wash day. Kaz

Sarah said...

i thought estate sales were an american thing... do they have them here in ozland? mmm how does one find out about these? very interested to attend a few.

Lavender said...

Surely a brilliant invention. happy washing.

trishhunterfinds said...

Johanna - Eee Thankyou :)

Kazza - Haha I know, I cant believe I waited so long! Yes frontloaders are great not only because of the points you made, but you can put a drier ontop/underneith!
Haha I know, my poor poor rack :(
Broke my heart. I definately have to buy a more expensive one next time, one that will handle with my lot.
I still have 4 other racks, but they're all full, so now I'm double squashing and i'm worried they'll break. But hopefully they'll hold until I get a new one. Eep.
Oh I'm so bummed about the stain situation. I was hoping you would come up with some fantastic vinegar/ironing/idontknowing recipe for me. Oh well. I'll just wear it stained I guess. All a part of the patina of the dress I'll say haha.

And in regards to the happy wash day... It's now day three and I'm still going!! Its wash week and I'm loving it!

Sarah - Yep there are estate sales in Australia... Most people do it through auction houses though, where they know their prices, and are targeted at people who also know prices so they can make a bit out of it. Other people just donate what they don't want to keep to opshops, and other people have estate clearance garage sales like the one I went to today.
Unfortunately I left empty handed, everything was cheap but it just wasn't my kind of stuff.
There are some great auction houses around though. I've wanted to go to lots but its always bad timing for me.

Lavender - I am SO loving washing. Not sure if i'll still feel the same after this week, but I'm still wearing a smile so far! ahha.

Anonymous said...

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