Sunday, November 30, 2008

The greatest day!

Today, I have had one of the best days all year.

I got a reply from a friend who owns a Vintage store in St Kilda, to my query about working part time for her.

She's looking for a casual employee for the days that I am available and free from my other job, so the position has been filled!

It's by far my dream job, and I'm not going to be able to sleep until Wednesday when I get the grand tour.

I am completely ecstatic, gobsmacked, and giddy, and every other positive emotion I could be.

You all should go down there and have a sticky beak!!
It's called Velour Vintage, at 184 Barkly Street St Kilda.
I Hope you find some pretty vintage treasures :)

And what topped off my greatest day, were the bargains I picked up.

Polaroid camera 1. Land camera complete with box, instructions, and an unused black and white film pack. Yee. $5

Polaroid camera 2. Also boxed complete with instructions. $5

1950's glasses $2

Owl pen holder $1

Sportsgirl high waisted cutoffs $1.50

Country Road skirt. How cute are the pleats at the back? $1

Size 8 high waisted bell bottoms. Way way too small for me so I'll be putting them up for sale in the future :) $10

And this gross yet fantastic 80's jumpsuit with rad rockabilly qualities to it. $5

I also got a black dress that fills a hole in my wardrobe.
All of my black dresses are very night time. I've never been able to pull off black during the day, but I'm hoping I'll be able to work with the new one, and if not, it only cost me $1 so its not going to worry me. It wouldn't photograph well so I'll show you if I ever wear it :)

And that was my fantastic day!

Does anyone else enjoy watching people dancing to music in TV shows, knowing that there is not actually music playing? I think about it every time and have a mini giggle.

They say 'Nothing in life is free'

The world has changed so much.
When I was little, on the bin day closest to Christmas my Brother and Sister would get up early in the morning and give the garbage men a 6 pack of beer and some chocolates to say thank-you as they did the job for free.
People did kind things, for no reason but knowing it will make someone else happy!
No chance anyone would do that these days!

Now days, if somethings free, there must always be a catch! If there's a sign that says the parking spot you're in is free, you sit there for a good 5 minutes reading that sign because it couldn't possibly be right.
Even as you're walking away, you look back and squint because it seems dodgy.
Even smiles aren't free anymore.
If someone smiles at you, you look to the ground quickly because they're probably going to try and sell you something.
You're lucky if you get an extra potato cake thrown in with your fish and chips!
Even hard garbage on the side of the road isn't free.
It's illegal to pick it up.

Just when I thought there wasn't any generosity left, that the world had turned completely selfish. I hear "You've got mail" (Yes I have that as my mail sound.)

It was from a man who reads my blog, who got these Christmas decorations for free at a garage sale and who's wife doesn’t like them so has no use for them. He thought perhaps I would enjoy them. Which I will! They'll be so cute on my tree! How adorable are the angels eyes?

I was delighted! The fact he even thought of me, a complete stranger, then went out of his way to take a photo of them, to email me, and even offer to post them to me, and for nothing in return except perhaps a good feeling of doing something nice made my day!

I think I might take this as an experience, and do the same for someone else when the time is right, and hopefully they'll do the same, and etc and etc.
Hopefully this blog will inspire you guys to think similarly, and we can slowly change the world back to how it used to be!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I love Sundays.
Its usually my allocated cleaning day
Being able to start the week in a fresh house is lovely.
Today I have had a brilliant nothing day.
I've done all my cleaning.
I've done all my washing that is now getting rained on, on the line.
I've baked cinnamon tea cakes and eaten half! Whoops.
I hooked up my new Sega, and had a good play.

After seeing Lavender's blog post wearing a dress that reminded me of Liesl's in the 16 going on 17 song, I just had to watch 'The Sound of Music.'
I am very emotionally involved haha, to the point where you pull the same faces as they are on screen, shake your head when they shake theirs, and feel all the feelings that they are. Sad?
I've had the best sing to the film! I haven't seen it in so long.
And later I am meeting up with a friend for Dinner, if I can fit it in after my over indulgence of cake.

The day my Sega was delivered to work, my boss' 7 year old was there and he said "What's that?"
I said, "Its a video game player from when I was little! If you ever visit me you can have a play!!"
He replied, ".... Mmm, we have a wii"

Here's another glimpse of my house in a reasonably tidy state thanks to Sunday.

I feel very Claire from Elizabethtown today.

Ooh I so want to watch that!


I am sitting here watching 'New Inventors' grand final on ABC and they brought out Rolf Harris, inventor of the famed 'wobble board'.
I was in suspense waiting to see if he'd sing his tie me kangaroo down sport song that he was most well known for.
He started to sing a part I didn't know, and was slightly disappointed thinking it wasn't it. Then as I was taking a swig of Pepsi max, he changed tune and started to sing the song that is associated with my 'most embarrasing moment' I did some kind of internal laugh that made the Pepsi bubble up my nose and feel absolutely disgusting.
Remembering in primary school, when the whole school was in the library (country school) on a wet 'playtime' and we started doing sing-a-longs.
One of the favorites was 'Tie me kangaroo down sport' Everyone got into it.
Perhaps me a bit more than everyone else.
After the chorus' Rolf goes "All together now" and then sings the chorus again!
I must have been so involved in the song, because when the song had finished, I was ready for another chorus and screamed ALL TOGETHER NOW! However there was no backing tape, no one else singing next to me, I was all alone in my land of boogie.
I was SO embarrased.

Perhaps not as embarrased as Rolf for ever recording this verse.

"Let me Abos go loose, Lou,

Let me Abos go loose.

They're of no further use, Lou,

So let me Abos go loose.

Altogether now!"

Anyway, at work today, my boss made my day by offering me some of her retro collectibles. They don't suit her new house (yesssss) and would rather them go to someone who will love them than have them packed in a box.
Ellen emailed me a photo of them...


And just a reminder, the movie 'Candy' is on SBS tonight at 10pm!
If you haven't read the book..... read the book. It's even better!
Oh the tears will be rolling at approximately 11.30pm.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Organised clutter!


In every post I write, I declare a new true love.
Well todays true love is for eBay sellers who mis-spell listings.
Oh, I really really really do love you.
I know its kind of mean, but I do make up for my selfish buying ways by informing people of their spelling errors if I ever come across any with no bids, (on an item I don't want naturally.)

I have been wanting Michael Jackson 'Moonwalker' on Sega Megadrive for so long. It was one of my favorite games as a kid, and have been dying for a copy, but they're so so rare on megadrive, but everywhere on mastersystem.
The same day I was about to buy a megadrive game for $25, I found this 'Sega Master Systerm 11, Michael Jackson Moonwalker Game' yes 'systerm'
It's boxed, still with instructions etc.
There is one currently on ebay up to $71, no game, not boxed. Just the system.
I won my auction for $34.

True love.

This is what I wore today...

Unfortunately, although I faked having the guts to wear the hat outside the house, the little nervous Trish deep inside kept saying "child of the 90's child of the 90's" and I just couldn't listen to her anymore. So I did ditch the hat. I was wearing a childs dress, and teamed with the hat, I felt like I was 5 years old again.
And since the 90's is still completely daggy, I couldn't quite bring myself to do it.

And here's my yesterdays outfit.

And this is what I bought today.

I thought it was cute when my camera's face recognition function put squares around their faces. Oh I love novelty s&p's. I think I'll use these ones.
On my way home from work, I pulled them out of the bag and held them up, and as I adjusted my focus, facing me a few train seats away was a man who could have made the vinegar bottle. I laughed.

Cute beanie. Summer is the best time to buy winter gear. It's always super cheap, and you find great things because most people can't even imagine the idea of buying a wooley in summer.

I originally had an idea of collecting interesting bows to decorate my tree, but time was an issue, so decided to collect cute vintage decorations. I do think it is more me, as I love the cluttered look. Well the tidy cluttered look. I know those two words don't go together very well, I'll try and explain.
You know when you go into a house, and you are too scared to put your feet on the couch incase you dirty it? And when you look around and they don't even have photos up because it makes the place look messy. All they have in the lounge room is the basic items, a rug, a massive reproduction print on the wall, some vulgar decoration, and the rest of the few items in the room are so symmetrical you would bet they measured distances. 'modern?' There isn't a thing on the mantle piece, no one has eaten in there in their whole life, the remote has a special place where it lives, and you always feel the need to whisper.
Well I'm the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I don't live like a pig, although its debatable tonight, but generally my tons of everything has its special place, and is kept neat and tidy so its not clutter. Organised clutter is a saying I've heard before, and I'm happy to put myself under that umbrella. So yeah, I can't imagine having a tree with all matching decorations. Its just not how I work. I'm one of those people who will have tacky decorations my kids made at primary school all over the tree, and love it. I think its the way trees should be. No ikea tree for me!

Well that was a massive paragraph about not much! haha.

I love Santa. How friendly do the old fashioned santas look in comparison to the over cartoonised versions of today.

Monday, November 24, 2008

He called me Carrots!


So as you know I flooded my bathroom last night.
It ended up causing more damage than i thought.
My hairdryer, and a 12 pack of toilet rolls went down.
So off to my favorite place, Greensborough plaza for the second time in two days to replace them.
This is what I wore. Very very wrong outfit for the weather. I was so so hot all day.

If you are a 'spot the difference' fan, you may notice that my fringe is shorter. Possibly the shortest its ever been. Although it mightn't seem much different to the average eye, I feel very odd. When I look in the mirror I feel very Abby Sciuto / Becca from Californication. Eep I have a goth fringe.
I'm not a big fan but unlike the rest of my hair (It seems) my fringe grows faster than weeds, so I'll have my good old 'I can't see anything' fringe back soon.

I'm very excited for tomorrow.
Clare and I are having a day dedicated solely to Anne of Green Gables.
644 minutes of romance, tragedy, imagination, and of course swooning over Gilbert Blythe.
I can't count how many times we have spent a whole day doing just that.
Oh we've cried, and laughed, we've bagged out how bad the series gets the further along it goes (yet still watched it), and ate ourselves silly while doing so. Haha.
Tomorrow will be no exception.

Yesterday I was forwarded the following website
I have seen the pictures floating about, but have never gone and done it myself.
To kill some time I had a go.
It was actually quite humorous.
Here are some of my creations.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The poo pit.


Well I've had a great day.

Besides the fact that I've had, and will continue to have ridiculously cold showers because my pilot light blew out and I can't get it relit so its cold showers until the agents come. (Great weather for it huh?)
And besides the fact in order for me to get to the hot water service, to try to light it myself, I have to walk through the place where the neighbours discard of their dogs dog poo. (Its a dangerous minefield)
And besides the fact I met someone today, was completely unfunny and had a 'prue and trude' voice on.
And besides the fact I came home to a sugar bowl full of ants.

Its been great!

I hung out with my friend Clare, who I've been friends with since grade 2. She's an officer in the Navy now so she's not often in Melbourne. But she's back till after Christmas so its great to catch up. We went to savers on a search for some jodhpurs which we happened to find in the perfect size and by sportsgirl of all brands. Very pleased.

This is what I bought.

This pot has been sitting there a while, which to me says 'no one wants this, it must be crap' but I gave in and just bought it because I love the colours. It'll look fab on my stove.

I've been on the hunt for a non boring/disgusting looking cake pan for a while and found this anodized orange one that hasn't been chucked in a dishwasher yet! Whoohoo!

And then we went to my most hated place in the world.
The shopping centre/plaza/mall.
I don't like anything about those places. I could rant about them for ages but I don't want to insult anyone.
Anyway, since I always avoid going there, my perfume department has been dry for too long, so treated myself today.
I got the old Stella Mccartney perfume. When ever I smell it on someone I am always envious, but now I smell delicious! Yee.

Well I'm off to walk through the poo pit to try and prevent some swearing in the morning.


To add to my fantastic day, I'd like to share that just 5 minutes ago when I went to go to the bathroom, I felt a squelch. I have flooded my bathroom haha.
Oh dearrrrr.
I guess I'll be more conscious of plugs/towels in the laundry sink while I'm doing a load of washing. Ughhhh.

What a day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Got bored, got retro!

Today, I was over being hayfevery and fugly and decided to prettify.
I went all out and even dragged out the hair extensions that I avoid wearing in fear of looking like a cheap hooker/clueless 16 year old girl.
Then, my plans for the day were canceled, so no one was going to see my once in a lifetime long hair, and I wasn't going to be self conscious of people seeing clips all day. What a waste! So it called for a photoshoot.
There are so many items of clothing in my wardrobe that I may never wear as they're so costume/unbreathable/clostrophobic/short? haha but had the need to wear them so I can justify owning them, and can look at it from front view instead of shoved on a coathanger view.
You'll probably see a lot that I've posted in this blog actually!
It was lots of fun and tied over my hair extension craving. Haha

Anyway here goes...

So thats what my Sunday involved!

Oh and this is what I actually wore today!

I'm trying to wear all the winter items I haven't worn yet while the weathers in this menopausal state. Hot flushes, cold chills, gah.
I just know I'm going to regret not wearing so many things. I took winter for granted while it was here. Sigh.

I nearly died! :(


I'm still shaking.

I just went to cook myself some bacon and eggs for dinner. (I'm a big breakfast for dinner fan)
And as I plugged in my electric frypan, a massive explosion came from the power supply, circuited the power in my whole house, and even blackened my hand.


Its weird because I've known the cord has been faulty for years. But my theory is, it worked last time so it has to be ok. Wrong.
And this time was the first time I had used it since I had been watching those electrocution commercials where they say 'if you're unsure don't use it' or something like that, and so as i was plugging it in, i was thinking of the add, and only held onto the plastic coating on the cord incase. I'm lucky I didn't have my hands around the open wires. :(:(:(:( I know i'm stupid but I just wanted bacon.

Hopefully you'll learn from my stupidity and not use dodgy looking appliances.


Last night I hosted a games night at my place.
I haven't laughed so hard in ages!
I'd quote a heap of quotes but they barely make sense to me now, so there's no chance you'd get them haha. Instead I'll leave you with a few photos of the night.

The one of the back of Liam and my couch is from when we were all piled on and one of the legs collapsed. Haha we all got such a fright. All fixed now though! There's no chance I'll go telling dad. He needs no more evidence that the couch is crap haha.
AND I wore my trackies!! Yipeee
Have a go at guessing what the last picture is. Hahha.

And last of all, this is what I bought yesterday.

A large vintage Oroton mesh bag. Brand new. Still with tags, and the mirror still wrapped up. $10 Yeee

Whenever I see this glasses of this shape, from this angle in an opshop, I always feel like charlie out of Willy Wonka. That feeling he gets when he opens each bar of chocolate, hoping to find a golden ticket.
Every time I see them, I pause, think "Please please please" and do a quick flip to see the brand. And 95% of the time they're cheap knockoffs.
But this time... For a mere $2 I scored another pair of raybans. Nicccce.

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