Saturday, October 25, 2008

Would you like a bag with your spraycan?

Hello! I'm sitting here typing this with test two of latex drying on my hand so it's very awkward.
I will do my best though.
Today I had to buy gold spray paint to spray my french hood that I'm making for Halloween. I felt so dodgy as I brought the can of paint to the counter. I put on my best 'I'm not a chromer' face, and payed for it.
The lady said 'Would you like a bag with that?' And I cracked up laughing at the humor in the question. But the stone face on her didn't twitch a mussel (she obviously didn't get it, or perhaps it wasn't that funny. Is it even funny? hmmm) so I just looked like a giggling idiot, or perhaps in her eyes, even a chromer.
I wonder if she'd offer a bag to an obvious druggie? I thought it sounded like a McDonalds upsell, 'would you like fries with that' style.

Hmm anyway, that gave me kicks.
This is what I wore today.

Although I said I would save this dress for a non working day, I gave up on the idea, because it was still cool earlier in the week, and hot only towards the end of the week when I worked. So I just made do with the costume questions because I didn't want to wait for a day I could finally wear it.

And, this is what I bought today.

Some more vintage gloves.

I bought this cake stand to put my jewelery on.

A hand made 70's belt

These are great. very hard to see without them being on, but they're polkadotted unflattering high waisted slacks. I hope to wear them soon :)

Cute floral dress in a size 10. I'm going to give it a go wearing it long. Strike Match Posted a blog a while ago about wearing skirts below the knee, and I too have her same problem, so I'm not sure how it'll go but I'll post pics.

Just what I need. More sunglasses. Haha I so don't. But really, how can you not buy something that serves the purposes of looking good, and practicality, for a mere $1. I'm racking my brain to think of something you can actually buy for $1. A potato cake?
I know what I'd prefer.

When I put my glasses away I got all proud of how my drawer was looking, so I took a photo to share.

Test two of latex turned out much better. I forgot to take pics before I peeled (It's just way too fun) And one single layer works much better. I also think I have to cut the gash rather than tear it apart with my fingers. Yepp. That'll be take 3.

Here's the beginnings of my french crown too.
They're selling on eBay for up to $300 and I'm so not prepared to pay that.
And then I found this website, where they turned a sun visor into one. Very clever. I have been searching for one on a headband for ages, and finally today I found one. Yee.

Ok thats all from me today.
Markets tomorrow morning, very excited, its been weeks!


kazza said...

Hi Trish

I have been away down at Cape Pat Op Shopping. Some reasonable clothes finds this trip. Have been washing all day. I bought some nana shoes which I will post in due course.

I just wanted to let you know I am impressed by your sunnies and organisation of them. Thanks for another little peek into your home and drawers. Just love sorting my finds and it is obvioud you do too.

Missa said...

That dress is sooo adorable and your collection of sunglasses is down right AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

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