Saturday, October 18, 2008

When the dog bites, When the bee stings...

I've been asked by a lady to post what I think are my favorite and most valuable finds ever.
I've been going over and over in my head what I think they are, but the truth is I have no idea.
I go through 'oh my gosh this is my favorite thing I own' fazes daily and then I find something even better.
But I put together a few of my favorite items. Not necessarily the best, or most valuable but they're the items that I have found that whenever I see them I have a split second tight chest before I realise, 'fewf it's already mine'

Here goes...

These are my favorite shoes that I own. I have never worn them as ankle boots are far from flattering on me. However I just adore them. They're made in Italy, fit perfectly and cost me only $5 from the greatest opshop in Brunswick a few years ago, which closed down over a year ago. It was what kept me coming back to Brunswick *sigh*

These are my other favorite pair of shoes. They're so elegant and soft. Inside the gold print says 'Melody by James West' The lady who sold them to me told me that the lady who brought them in was very old and could no longer wear her collection of almost mint condition heals, so she donated them (Bless her heart) I fell in love with these ones straight away and payed $8 for them.

I couldn't choose my favorite bag. I really couldn't. So I thought I'd just show them all off as I think they look lovely in my wardrobe.
But truly, my bags make me so happy and I love them all.

This isn't exactly a 'find' and is far from valuable dollar wise.
This is some of my band t-shirt collection. All in all I've counted about 62.
The reason this is up here is because if you were to lye them out, you could put them into a timeline of my life and it'd be full of memories, making them very valuble to me. From my very first 'Bodyjar' tee at my first ever real concert (What I wore might shock you so I'll keep it to myself ahha) up to my newest Belle & Sebastian band tee, which actually doesn't belong to me, but have left a significant length of time between last seeing this person so have adopted it.

This little dolly basket is one of my favorite things. Two of my friends bought it for me for my house warming and she is just beautiful. I keep my pins and buttons in there.

This phone is one of my favorite things because of the story behind it.
I bought it when I was just starting to properly get into learning about collectibles, antiques etc. I had been hiring out the books from the library and this phone was one item I wanted. I had searched eBay but they were going for heaps, then I went to Bentleigh market and in the first stall there it was - next to a vibrator actually *shudders*. Unfortunately another lady had just gone to get money out to get it and I was so so upset. I moped around the market not properly looking because my heart had been broken. Then on my way out I decided to walk past again and it was still there. The lady hadn't come back. Yeeee.
So I bought it for $8 and proceeded to Frankston market. One of the regular stall owners who sells antiques eyes nearly fell out of his head when he saw it under my arm, assuming I bought it from that market. "Where'd you find that one?" he said.
"Bentleigh" I replied. "I was gonna say I would've bought that in a second if it was here!" Yesssss. So yeah, it was a great find to me.

I collect salt and pepper shakers, and these are my favorites. They cost me $4 for the pair and the personality behind their beaming eyes and cheeky smiles makes me happy.

This is one of my favorite things because it is something different to add to a room and is often a talking point. Instead of gumballs, I've put in my big 80's clip-on earrings.

These Bakelite radios were my Grandma's. I was lucky enough to be able to choose some things I would like after she had passed and although I wasn't as knowledgeable as I am today, I knew these were valuable. Although I wouldn't sell them as they are from my Grandma, and I love the look they add to my home.

This is my favorite 60's dress. I too haven't worn this but I'm dying for a time when I can as I don't want to waste it. I bought it at a market in a sale where it was 3 items for $10. I also picked up a pair of the same coloured flares, and a different colored green dress. Bargain.
The two bottom purple diamonds are pockets, and it's made by "Lavender".
My sister says it's her dream 'raver' dress. Hmmmmm.... no.

And last but not least is my bike. You've probably seen him in most of my photos backgrounds. He moves around a lot as I don't have a specific place for him so today I replaced my (very unused) exercise bike with him and he looks lovely in my loungeroom. His name is Bob and I do call him a 'him' because I think some things have personalities, and there's no mistaking that this old guy has one.
This is probably my favorite Item I have. The brand is 'Madison' and I got him from Ferntree Gully op-shop for $20. The poor guy now needs a pedal replaced, and some work on the gears but I'm waiting for a handy guy to come around and save the day haha.
The exercise bike is now retiring to the dining area. Poor thing.

A lot of my other 'favorite things' have already been posted on my blog previously, like some of my jewellery here, and my score of a swatch watch here.
So if you're new to my blog have a look at my previous posts and see some of my other finds :)

What a massive blog! But it was lots of fun, running around my house with my camera sourcing out things I love. I'd like to ask other people who read my blog to post some of their things that are their favorite or most valuable finds. I'd love to see what you guys treasure. So perhaps consider this a 'tag' to everyone :)

Have a lovely Sunday.


kazza said...

Trish at long last I get to see some storage for all your treasures. I am mad about organisation. As long as stuff has its place I am happy to hoard. You are well organised with your stuff.

I love the favourite items showing and I will consider doing the same at some stage. Thanks for the viewing and insight into your world at home. Kaz

Sarah said...

I have two of those phones. They're a real pain to use when you call up anywhere which has those automatic responses and requires you to key in numbers.

trishhunterfinds said...

Hey Kazza, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing where I keep some of my things. I thought of you when I was doing it actually!
Yess, I hope you do do a similar thing one day, I too would love to take a glimpse into your place!

Sarah, haha yes I feel your pain. My friend worked at vicroads and had one man abuse her because he couldn't get through because they didn't cater for people without modern phones.
Oh well, at least they look pretty! haha

thevintageyear said...

wow, you have some great finds, you must have the greatest vintage dress collection ever! I love your blog!

kazza said...

LOL how predictable am I! You have pegged me to a tee. I forgot to mention that I have a red Erica phone. My ex hubbie wants it but he has buckleys. He found it someplace but I looked after it for 17 years. I figure it is mine, all mine. I'll post my phone collection one day. I have five old phomes with four in one house and one in another house.

I am off to plant lettuce in old wicjker baskets from the junk pile out the back of a local op shop.

Can you tell me if there is any way of alerting me to when a comment comes in to a post I have made like if you reply to this comment? I am already notified if you update your blog but I want to go to the next step and get notified when comments come in to my comments. Hope that makes sense?

WendyB said...

Love the '60s dress!

Isabel said...

Wow, I love all the pictures you've taken - especially the one of your purse collection. They're all so beautifuL!

trishhunterfinds said...

The Vintage Year - Thanks for your lovely post! I wish I did have the greatest collection ever, perhaps one day! It's slowly building. It's so nice to see all the colours and fabrics filling out the wardrobe though. A great thing to wake up to!!

Wendy B - Isn't it amazing? I can't convince many people I know that it's cool so I'm glad you appreciate it like I do

Isabel - Thankyouuu :)

Macquarie said...

hahaha dannys belle and sebastian shirt?

trishhunterfinds said...

Hahahahahah YESSS!!

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