Thursday, October 2, 2008

Up to my ears in canisters

I have to do a clean out.
I bought yet another set of canisters today. By far my favorite set, so I'm getting rid of my not so good ones.
Its about time.

Today at work we did a clean out and it was really refreshing.
I got a few bits and pieces, my favorite was this 1960's lavender dress.

There are so many advantages to working where I work. I'm always getting presents.

Today I wore this...

And today I bought these...

Levi's high waisted jeans. Great fit, but I hate jeans with all that messy bleached parts on them. But I find it hard to find pants that fit, so I buy what I can in the jeans world.

70's shirt

Some more photo frames for my photo frameless house.

And my favorite buy. These vintage canisters. They're all perfect except one of the letters has been broken. Just one. But I figured they were still worth buying.

I feel guilty for chucking / selling the ones I got from Grandma, and the other sets too, but their condition isn't as good as my new ones, so they really should go.

Maybe I'll put it off for just another week.

I also decided to get a Modepass...
It's nothing flash like most peoples yet, but I'm working on it.
You can find me Here...


POP!shonelle said...

i hate whiskers and distressed stuff on jeans too. .. just bye some dye and redye them. total craft project! and if it fails, it's not a HUGE loss, right?

trishhunterfinds said...

Thats a great idea!! I've never dyed anything before so it'd be a great first project. I've always wanted to venture into dying.
Do you have any idea where to buy it? / how to do it / any other info I need?
I'm feeling all crafty now! Yay.

POP!shonelle said...

I haven't ventured down that road myself since primary school tie dye days...but i'm guessing that the spotlight craft section would be a good start. I do know that RIT or DYLON brand dye are good. Just make sure you get one suitable for denim or heavy fabrics!

kazza said...

Hi Trish

It's Kaz. I picked up colored cannisters on the roadside that had lids but were a bit tired. I did away with the lids and am using the cannisters for storage of bits and pieces in the laundry. I have also used them to put freshly cut herbs in. They look really good this way. Ideas just in case you don't want to throw out your nana's cannisters?

trishhunterfinds said...

Shonelle, I swear I know you from somewhere but I can't pick it.
It's been killing me. I'll get it one day and let you know.
But thanks for your help! I'm going to get on it. I'll let you know how I go.

Kazza, My god I swear you are good at everything.
I'm so glad you said that... I would have felt HORRIBLE throwing them out.
I might pop down the nursery and buy some plants to put in them and have them by my door.
I hope you keep letting everyone know your little ideas for innovative ways of using things because they're so handy.
I read somewhere a lady got a bunch of odball glasses and put them all together at different heights with tea lights in them around her house. I thought that was clever and am considering doing the same.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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