Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Turkey Dance

Tonight after work I ducked into savers.
This is what I wore.

I bought these things.

Faux pearl tie

Best apron

Rad clock. It's not too old, but its in perfect condition and is signed.

My favorite TV show. My friend Shannon and I are complete nerds. We even watch the youtube 'secrets and recaps' afterward and discuss our theories haha. We've wanted a Drive Shaft t shirt for a while now, but this will have to do.

I also got a couple of 80's/90's coca-cola t-shirts, and a good plain white tee, but I left them at work.

After my savers spree when I went to wait for my bus, I sat at the stop for about an hour and a half waiting for my bus.
The Indian man who was also waiting a long time next to me asked me out I think. He said something like 'Perhaps we should wait somewhere warmer and have a drink or two as we laugh this off' I couldn't help but do a laugh/snort through my nose at his proposal and how it was asked. I pulled the boyfriend line and with great empathy I appologised. He said it was okay but there was no longer any shaking heads/looking at watches and laughing/friendly bus jokes passed between each other anymore.

Tonight just as I was going to take photos of what I bought, I noticed something really quite scary about myself. I had the music cranked, and I was dancing away. I then stopped when I actually realised how I was dancing. Hahha. Oh my god I don't even know if I should embarrass myself publicly like this.
I was doing the dance that Monica from Friends does when she has the turkey on her head. But I wasn't joking. It was how I danced. Hahahahhahaah. Shimmy shimmy. Bad bad bad.

Dear me.


Emma Harrison said...

Fantastic tie. Oh and the owl clock! Awesome.

Also, not to worry, I dance like Elaine from Seinfield, thumbs and all. Monica/Elaine dancing? Generally embarrassing dancing? It's how the cool kids dance.

Missa said...

The pearl tie is SO cool, nice finds! Also, you are hilarious and so is that clip... I miss Friends *sigh* said...

I love Monica... Wait... I AM Monica.

When I get back I'll show you some really good dance moves, including my personal favourite, the robot.


Anonymous said...

i have a suggestion for a post trish - what do you think are your favourite and your most valuable finds ever? i like to think about this with my collection, and i thought about asking you!

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