Friday, October 3, 2008


Wow, so on my way home from work/savers, I was gobsmacked when I saw the amount of snails walking across the footpath.
I have never ever seen so many.

I felt so guilty when I heard the first crunch. So I got out my phone to use as a torch and walked through the minefield on my tip toes. I got an image of 'Honey I shrunk the kids' in my head when the dad is in the backyard looking for the kids.
There's going to be a sea of dead snails down there tomorrow. Poor things.

Anyway this is what I bought today.

This owl money box. It's rather big too, perhaps 25ish cm tall?
He's such a character, I love him. I recognise owl from something. The sword in the stone? Bambi? Or perhaps I'm just thinking of the lady who works in the shop near mine. She has a creepy resemblance to an owl. Hmm anyway. He needs a bit of a polish up and then I'll put him to use. The stopper is able to be removed, so I don't see the saving idea working very well.

Watching "collectors" tonight on ABC, I fell in love with the old man who collected tractors.
Gordon says "What is it you'd still like to get?"
and the man says "Whatever I see that I want!"

Now that's the attitude!

My favorite part was when he said "Its an absolute disease!" (referring to the addiction to collecting)
And I think that its the perfect way of describing how the brains of collectors / op-shoppers work.

It really is a disease, but something i'd be happy to die of!


peaitlreiecnia said...

oh my gosh! i just stumbled acrocc your blog and i got the same feeling I get when I find something really cute/ interesting/ priceless in an op-shop.

you have the most adorable images and your sense of style is divine.


peaitlreiecnia said...

thanks for the lovely comment. I will endeavour to keep your wise words in mind the next time I am facing a horde of supre-decked fiends


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