Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Buttons Buttons Buttons

I'm really disappointed with my new microwave.
For a long time I've been the person who waits at the microwave waiting for the last few seconds trying to beat the microwave from beeping by cutting it out the second it goes from one second to zero. But my new one has changed. The beeping doesn't cut out, even if I open it half way through the beeps. It keeps beeping.
Similarly my disappointment lies with the atm's where it beeps at you when the card is spat out and every time you wait there with your fingers against the card slot waiting for the first glimpse of card to grab it before it starts beeping. Even though it would always beep a little bit but it didn't stop you trying to stop it.
Anyway, now they have these super slow spitter-outeras, preventing the tiny rush you get from a good card grab. Hahah
What is this world coming to?
Its cutting out all my little kicks.

Anyway, this is what I wore today

Its one of those really staticy dresses that get so staticy it looks like you're wearing skants/culottes.
Anyway I was in my bathroom lifting up my dress and spraying my legs with hairspray (supposedly helps stop static) and I look up and see the builders next door looking in.
I always seem to have the worst timing/luck with things.
The hairspray didn't last long. I was back to culottes dress within half an hour.
But what I did find work, was rubbing anti static hair cream on my legs. It worked a treat!

ALSO, I don't know if its dangerous or not, but while I was still staticy, I had my ipod in my dress pocket and twice I was electrocuted in my ear.
Not like a little quick zap like when you touch someone, it was a couple of seconds or something until I literally pulled the plug out of my ear.
And yes, silly me put them back in and it happened again. :( So I had no music for the rest of the day.

Anyway this is what I bought today.

This book is 130 pages of 1970's home decor. I loveeee this.

View master slides, there are heaps of them. Cost me $3. BARGAIN!

Another whatever tee that I got for free because it has a completely washable stain on the front!

Cute enameled apple pin

A great embroidered top with greaaaat sleeves. $1 in the dress up box.

Cotton tie die pants. Slightly too small, but a great find. A goal item haha. $5.75

And, last but not least, yesterday I bought something I've been eyeing them off for well over a year. I've ordered their fliers, enquired about them, asked about importing them from china etc. But yesterday I went and bought a badge/button/pin press.
I'm beyond excited.
It'll hopefully arrive by courier by the end of the week.
I've already got a stash of vintage pictures to make with them. I know its not exactly the most original thing in the world, but I'm excited about it.
I'm really big on personalised things, I have been since I was little, so I look forward to seeing what I can create with it.

Anddd this is what I wore the other day but didn't post a blog that day so thought I'd chuck it in here.

And how good does my tonights dinner look?

I'm full as a goog and just looking at this pic makes me want to eat it all over again haha.

Massive blog. Hope you're still awake.



StrikeMatch said...

Hahaha, beep, beep. All new microwaves are like that. It sucks.

The dress up bin top was a magical find and I need to get myself some of that magical anti static stuff. Sometimes my skirts are so far between my legs its embarrassing.

But polyester has the prettiest patterns so I'll just suck it up.

kazza said...

Okay Trish I am jealous of that book on 70's decorating. Who is the author and is it Aussie. It looks in glorious condition. Tell me all the details promise? Kaz

Fashion Hayley said...

Hey, woah your dream sounds amazing, I wish I could remember my dreams like that. The idea of people just waiting there posing for me to drive past and take their photo is hilarious, I love it.
I totally want to wear that shirt/dress with the witting all over on Friday night to the Research for Runway fashion show, that's the only problem with ebay, I want it now not 1 week later, but I'm impatient like that. I'm sure there will be something else I can wear it to (this is of course if I win it)
Oh and I love your outfit with the blue pants, now that's an outfit I would photograph. Do you ever come to the city? I've been having trouble finding people recently, everyone is wearing thongs aghhhh I'm starting to think I'll bring my own shoes for people to wear so I can get some photos! Oh and your shoe idea is great, I wanted to do it too but didn't have the guts to take the plunge, and I'm not very good at being a seller on ebay, I'm too lazy to actually post things on time.

trishhunterfinds said...

Strikematch - Oh my god the magical anti static stuff... I'll find out the name of it from work tomorrow and let you know! It really is magical. I was like pffft as if that'd work when my boss suggested it, and then zinngg... no static!

Kazza - hahahaha how good is the buzz you get when someone else is jealous of something you've found. Its like it makes the find DOUBLE great!
Sounds horrible but its so true. It means you've found a real treasure.
The author is Ure Smith, and yess its Australian. Sydney!
It really is in FABULOUS condition. I was rapt when I found it. I have been keeping my eye out for at least a magasine with 70's homes in it since I found the group of them on flikr I've been addicted.
wait i'll try and find it


There's a 1960's group too!

Its a fabulous book! Its got some crazy tips! Maybe try looking it up in the library!

Hayley - Hahah I remember while I was dreaming that I had to remember it because it was a fun dream.
I remember saying to myself 'remember this Trish' It doesn't often happen but whooo! It did this time
Hahah I'm the same with purchases. I'm very "i want it now"
I need that instant gratification.
Which also causes spontaneous purchases that can often later on be regretted.
Hhaha the blue pants! I love them. They cost me $1 and they're the perfect fit (very rare in pants for me) so I was rapt!
I used to live in the city and was there almost every day, but then I moved out into the suburbs.
A verrrry different planet!
But I do pop in every now and then.
And on the thongs note, I don't even think I own a pair?
Why own thongs when you can own sandals? I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

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