Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bundoora / Thomastown Market

Today was market morning.
I was very excited as I had never been to this market before.

My boss and I went to Bundoora/Thomastown market.

It was pretty strange. We arrived 10 minutes early and waited at the closed gate, and there wasn't another woman in sight! There were about 50 Italian looking men all around the 60ish age mark, hovering around the fence. We were very intimidated yet delighted as it was obvious no one would be looking for similar stuff that we were.

We had no idea what to expect. It looked big, and is called a 'trash & treasure' market, however all we could see were tools, and hear caged birds so we were a little reserved.

Anyway, 8pm came around and the 95:5 ratio of men to women flooded in and we found a route.

It was an interesting market. Not much trash & treasure, no families selling all their videos for $1, a ton of McDonalds toys, and piles of clothes that no one sifts through.
There was one or two antiquey vintagey dealers, and their prices were okay!
It reminded me a bit of Laverton market actually.
Lots of tools, goldfish, cheap asian toys, and my favorites, the stalls where grumpy old men go to the tip, and fill up old toyboxes of junk and bring it to market to sell.
All layed out on tarps, or chucked in any old box in no order what-so-ever is where I always find my favorite things.
One gold mine (not today) was a guy who had a box of vintage sunglasses deadstock. I regrettably only bought a couple. But it shows what scrounging through what appears to be old metal junk you can find.

Today was my best toybox find. Amongst old bike chains? I think they were bike chains, and a couple of cameras, and an old old old tv remote, was this...

Its a 1950's Bakelite telephone. The dial's plastic cover has been opened, but I can easily get another whole dial from QLD for $18 so that's no problem.
After a good clean it'll polish up to be a gem.
It cost me $15 Bargain!

This is the other phone I bought. It was on a ladys table who had lots of nice things, but I think it was items from her personal belongings, and maybe some of her kids old things. I dont think she was a collector. Anyway this phone had $20 on it, and I am 50/50 on if I have seen this in a book or not.
Well no. I have seen a see through light up phone that looks identical in a book I read maybe a year ago? And I believe its price was around the $300 mark. But I can't remember it's brand.
So I bargained with her and surprisingly got it down to $10, and figured, if it isn't the one in the book I saw, I'm at no loss because it's a rad 80's phone anyway and will increase in value at some stage. And if it is the one I saw, then SWEET!

That's all I bought. Oh no I bought a lighter for my stove haha.

So yep, I was very pleased with todays finds. And more pleased because I have something to research. Very fun.


Alicia said...

Market Day!
I LOVE the 80s phone, very cool!
I went to Bentleigh, which turned out to be a gold mine for bags. I got three,
YSL, vintage brown saddle bag (i'm not sure whether it's authentic or not but i love it and it was cheap)
Grey glomesh bag
+ my best find was a cute lizard skin handbag.
Plus I got some awesome granny sunnies :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh well done! sounds like you did great! I'm pretty jealous of the lizard skin bag!
I'm a regular to Bentleigh market. Do you go often?
I love it there, although it's turning a little bit 'camberwell markety' in the way of antiques and snobbery, but I still always leave with something.
PS granny sunglasses are the best!

alicia said...

I've been going to Bentleigh ever since I was really little coz my dad and I are bargain-hunty types.
I'm just getting into op-shopping etc. and pretty much died when i found the bag. I had to haggle though!

Sarah said...

spend time with the market folk, eh? they're just like carni folk but with more money (kidding).

i've never been to these markets you're talking about but i have been to the laverton markets. you probably noticed by now but i'm a more vintage clothing shopper and don't really pay that much attention to other stuff, so laverton was a bit of a snore for me. lots of gadgets and mechanical things and not enough clothing. i'm thinking this is kind of the same?

Lavender said...

that 80s phone is hilarious. I love it.
The canisters I bought this week are marked 'Ceramica Franco Pozzi Gallarate' which brought up a few google hits. I'd love to know more about them if you ever see them in your extensive reference library.

thevintageyear said...

that light up phone is all kinds of great, but I loooove the bakelite phone. We used to have one when I was little, but it was cream coloured. My parents probably still have it somewhere!

trishhunterfinds said...

alicia, its good to be the bargain hunty type, I remember going with my mum when I was little. I think its in our blood. Oh opshopping is so so so fun. If you find good ones, its like markets but on weekdays haha.
How much did you get the bag for?
Very lucky!

trishhunterfinds said...

Sarah! Yesss the market folk! I love them. Its such a funny atmosphere.
All markets 'folk' are different but yeah you do come across some great people. Like at Bentleigh, rain or shine there is this lovely old lady who sells all her lovely collectibles and is always up for a good chat about its history.
Yeah those markets aren't best for clothes. I think Camberwells best for clothing because all the vintagey people go there to sell their deadstock. However I find it too expensive there because everyone knows their prices and its more like an antique market than trash & treasure so I often leave with nothing.
Hahah yeah laverton is exactly like that. Very mechanical, but you just have to sift and you can find some great things! I'm aching to go back there again.

Lavender, thanks for the name! I'll have a flick through again tonight and see if I can find it. I swear I've seen it!

The Vintage year, haha yes aren't those phones so memorable.
My boss got all nostalgic when she turned the dial pad as it was a part of her childhood.
I've never seen a cream one? Ever! I didn't know they made them!
So hold onto it if you can find it!!
As it'll probably be super rare! :)

Melanie said...

We used to have one of the light up phones - it is not from the 80s, but rather late 90s. We got ours from Tandy (I think) in 99 or 2000, because it was all kinds of dorky cool. I think it was also used as a prop in a big TV show around then (can't remember which one).

trishhunterfinds said...

Ah thats good to know!! thanks!
I'd love to know what tv show, let me know if you remember!
I used to always want a hamburger phone like they did in Home and Away haha.

Michelle said...

OMG Trrish you are so funny, I know what you mean about the market and the ratio between men and women and all the italian men eagerly waiting for it to open so they can go and buy tools!
so so funny as I have an Italian background and so many of the oldies seriously go to that market like every Sunday!
I went about a year ago, and rememeber a girl selling vintage plates and other bits and pieces but that was about it. You did well to find the phones though :)

Anonymous said...

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