Monday, October 6, 2008


Today Mike and I went Opshopping.
This is what I bought...

Leather belts 20c each

I can't categorize this blouse into an era. It seems 90's, yet also 60's? I don't know. The tag says 'bardot' but the font is retro, and so are the big daisy buttons. But the fabric and cut seems 90's. Ugh I don't know.

These winklepickers are fantastic! This has now made me even more fussy when it comes to the dream man, as ontop of all the other credentials they must have, they must also be a shoe size 8. I have no hope of ever finding him haha.
I love history behind items, and the writing on the bottom makes them even more exciting. They cost me $1 by the way! Yeowww!

And last of all, thanks to Mikes sharp eye he spotted this boxed super nintendo in the window with a price tag of only $15. Snap. Mine.
I felt kind of bad, because the ladies were saying that a man came in looking at it and went home to ask his grandson if he'd like it. He obviously wasn't counting on a Trish walking by!
Also included was an extra controller and the game basic instinct. What a steal. They're on eBay for heaps. So I'll hold onto it for another 10 years or so and make a healthy profit.

I'm now on the hunt for Mario Kart. I've never ever ever played it, and if you remember that tv game show A*mazing? The kids always sucked at it, and we all knew we could get more coins if we could just have a go. We also knew we'd find the special game-boy key if we didn't spend the whole time pulling all the letters out of the mail box. What a time waster!
Anyway, yeah. Mario Kart is going to fill that void that's always been there. Haha.

For an 'A*mazing' memory flashback, someone has gone into scarily precise detail of the maze and the games. Rather interesting*mazing


kazza said...

Bardot is/was a shop at Highpoint. I bought a dress there in the 90's. They may have other outlets but I don't think they were operating before the 90's?

Steve Perry said...

aahh a*mazing.. yelling at the tv when stupid kids were shit at the videogames, couldn't type/spell properly or would walk straight past the most obvious key which was behind the cactus every single episode. good times (Y)

i think my shoe size is 8/8.5 (yeah i'm short shutup :P), don't think i'd wear winklepickers though lolz. ooh, also them shoes reminded me the other night i found they have The Specials - Little Bitch at Kbox karaoke. best song, it was awesome :D

Anonymous said...

ps. that super nintendo game is most likely Killer Instinct.. not Basic Instinct since i don't remember there being any snes games where sharon stone kills people with an ice pick and flashes her gash haha

trishhunterfinds said...

oh my god.
yes thats what it is.
Killer instinct. bhaha. omgosh i'm so silly

That would make an interesting game! eep

Ayesha said...

belts for 20c each?? that puts even New Zealand prices to shame!

Dude! those winklepickers are stunning/beautiful/gorgeous/mydream shoes! The writing on the bottom does make them EVEN better and I didn't even know that was possible!

ahhh so much envy! great finds!

Lavender said...

I'm obsessed with oxfords and winkle-pickers at the moment. I've been on the hunt for weeks now. Great find. I'm jealous.

trishhunterfinds said...

20 cents I know! AND, what is even better is that they had a sale on, which was any garmet was 3 for $1.
What a major rip off! haha.
If only all opshops were that nice.

And yess how beautiful are winklepickers, I'm jealous too because I can't wear them, they're way too big for my mini feet. :(
So I too am still on the hunt.
One day.

miss vintage love said...

Great shoes!

Lavender said...

Hey - I tagged you over on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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