Monday, October 20, 2008

$3 Chanel Handbag?

Happy Birthday to me.
Though it's not my Birthday, I was spoiled today, and like every time I visit my Mum. It really is like my Birthday every time I go down there.
With home cooked meals, and items gathered from opshops, it's always exciting to see what she'll pull out of the 'for Trish bag'

I've been dying to go and visit Mum as she let me know she had found a Chanel handbag for me. I was very hesitant to believe that it was authentic as some designer knockoffs are so well done that they are better made than the originals, and some are just plain tacky. But when I saw the bag I was leaning towards authentic. I'm still not sure, if you guys can't help me with your knowledge, I want to take it somewhere to check.
I've googled and stuff, and it seems to fit the part so far. It needs a good clean, the stitching that appears dark is actually a pale pink stitch, and the inside is a sort of suede. The quality is great, it's really sturdy, and luxurious.
It was found in amongst a group of good bags. Mum kept most, including an unusual Oroton mesh bag, another one, and another one that was damaged so mum left it. All $3 each.
Anyway be prepared to be bombarded with photos haha.

If anyone's a pro Chanelster and can tell me that it's fake or not, I'd be delighted to know either way :)

Here are some other things Mum had for me.

Gorgeous gorgeous bag.

'Glomesh' triangle shaped handbag.

How lovely is this comb? The girls face is the handle and her hair forms the comb. So sweet.

I also took back my Dr. Martins, These were my pride and joy through highschool. They even have my special adjustable loops that were the 'trendy' way of doing them up.
I wanted them more than anything and so my parents said if I could save up half they'd pay the other half. My Mum did the motherly thing and made me buy a size up so I had room to grow into them as I was only in year 7, and I remember the day one boy called me bigfoot. :( haha. Didn't stop me loving my docs!
But I'm glad Mum did make me buy a size up, because they're my perfect size now! Yee.

And on our op-shop loop this is what I picked up.

This dress I think is 50s? It's size is SW which indicates age well, and the style/fabric/label suggest 50's to me. The hem has fallen down and is fraying which I'm taking as permission to CUT yes cut this gem to a more modern length. This unfortunately is at that 'mid calf' length. Very unattractive on stumpy short people like me.

How good are 'dress up boxes' You always find the best things in there.
I found this dress, and the next one. Both $2 each.

This is so stylish, unfortunately the collar has brown stains on it due to age, but the ladies said that if it wouldn't come out with a good dose of nappy-san, that it's easily removed and to just replace it. Very easily done... Weather I can be bothered...............

MASSIVE pussybow on this blouse. Its now made its way up to my favorite.

And I think thats it?

Oh I also bought a 'ray ban' brand tent. Very random but it was only $4.75 so I figured why not? Pop it in the boot of my car, I'll never know when I'll need one haha. Or perhaps I'll just sell it. Hmm.

So yep that was my day.



Sarah said...

That last shirt is gorgeous! I'm a little surprised you don't chop your dresses - as you probably can tell, I tend to cut all of mine to make them more "modern". And regarding that bag... hmm, I have my reservations about it, I'm not certain that Chanel have ever produced a bag like that. Is it leather? You could ask the girls at on the vogue forums or take it into the Chanel store, they'll definitely be able to point you in the right direction. The other option is which will auth it for you if you provide some pictures.

trishhunterfinds said...

Thanks for your help!
Yep its definitely leather. Smells amazing. I too am reserved, but I think you're right, I will take it somewhere to get looked at.
I'm not a brands person at all when it comes to clothing, part the reason i'm not too fazed if its authentic or not as I probably won't use it but it'd just be nice to know.
And being a 'not too fussed about brands' person, I don't look at or follow labels/designers/brands etc so have no idea what to look for when it comes to authentic gear.
Hmm... I'll let you know what the store people say, if i'm gutsy enough to bring it in haha

Sarah said...

Please take it in! Ever since I've started op shopping I've been on the lookout for a vintage Chanel bag. Sad, but true. It's my ultimate thrifting dream! I will be soooo jealous if yours is real. Even if you don't use it once you get the auth you can resell it for a huge profit. Just a thought ;)

thevintageyear said...

I love that pink dress, and the pussy bow shirt is gorgeous. I'm a bit obsessed with pussy bow blouses I seem to never be able to pass one up.

trishhunterfinds said...

ALSO, about the cutting of the dresses, I haaaate cutting dresses.
If it's a beautiful vintage maxi I would feel so so so guilty chopping into it.
However if it's a frumpy gross dress that has lovely material and I could turn it into something nice, then I do change things then.
But aaah, don't cut vintage maxis... they're so so so beautiful.
You're scaring me! haha

kazza said...

I like the two bags. Alison from Hooti is way in to reptile ones as you know. I know you don't mind if the Chanel one is not the real thing but I think it would be a gas it you strike the jackpot and it turns out to be so. We are all waiting to find out - a bit of excitement is brewing over this post. Go Trish!

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh I wish I did know Kaz, but unfortunately Amazon aren't too prompt when it comes to posting their books... IT STILL HASN'T COME!
Every day I come home with a rubber neck trying to look around the corner for a package on my doorstep but no go
What frustrates me is that I've paid a month of credit card fees for nothing. Ugh. Anywayy, I will let you know if it is real, I'm leaning towards it not being real, but I won't know for a while as I have to get the guts up to take it into a store. (I hate going into retail stores)
But yep will definitely keep u posted!!! :)

Missa said...

That is the most AMAZING comb I've ever SEEN!

I bet you 5246549687 million dollars that if you enter that comb in an awesome comb contest... it will win.

Anonymous said...

The bag is a genuine Chanel from the 05 collection.

trishhunterfinds said...

Thankyou anonymous for letting me know!
I've told Mum, she's thrilled.
If you have any more information about it I'd love to know, or if you know anywhere I could find out?
I can't seem to find anything on google so hopefully you can help

Thanks heaps already!

Anonymous said...

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