Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Buttons Buttons Buttons

I'm really disappointed with my new microwave.
For a long time I've been the person who waits at the microwave waiting for the last few seconds trying to beat the microwave from beeping by cutting it out the second it goes from one second to zero. But my new one has changed. The beeping doesn't cut out, even if I open it half way through the beeps. It keeps beeping.
Similarly my disappointment lies with the atm's where it beeps at you when the card is spat out and every time you wait there with your fingers against the card slot waiting for the first glimpse of card to grab it before it starts beeping. Even though it would always beep a little bit but it didn't stop you trying to stop it.
Anyway, now they have these super slow spitter-outeras, preventing the tiny rush you get from a good card grab. Hahah
What is this world coming to?
Its cutting out all my little kicks.

Anyway, this is what I wore today

Its one of those really staticy dresses that get so staticy it looks like you're wearing skants/culottes.
Anyway I was in my bathroom lifting up my dress and spraying my legs with hairspray (supposedly helps stop static) and I look up and see the builders next door looking in.
I always seem to have the worst timing/luck with things.
The hairspray didn't last long. I was back to culottes dress within half an hour.
But what I did find work, was rubbing anti static hair cream on my legs. It worked a treat!

ALSO, I don't know if its dangerous or not, but while I was still staticy, I had my ipod in my dress pocket and twice I was electrocuted in my ear.
Not like a little quick zap like when you touch someone, it was a couple of seconds or something until I literally pulled the plug out of my ear.
And yes, silly me put them back in and it happened again. :( So I had no music for the rest of the day.

Anyway this is what I bought today.

This book is 130 pages of 1970's home decor. I loveeee this.

View master slides, there are heaps of them. Cost me $3. BARGAIN!

Another whatever tee that I got for free because it has a completely washable stain on the front!

Cute enameled apple pin

A great embroidered top with greaaaat sleeves. $1 in the dress up box.

Cotton tie die pants. Slightly too small, but a great find. A goal item haha. $5.75

And, last but not least, yesterday I bought something I've been eyeing them off for well over a year. I've ordered their fliers, enquired about them, asked about importing them from china etc. But yesterday I went and bought a badge/button/pin press.
I'm beyond excited.
It'll hopefully arrive by courier by the end of the week.
I've already got a stash of vintage pictures to make with them. I know its not exactly the most original thing in the world, but I'm excited about it.
I'm really big on personalised things, I have been since I was little, so I look forward to seeing what I can create with it.

Anddd this is what I wore the other day but didn't post a blog that day so thought I'd chuck it in here.

And how good does my tonights dinner look?

I'm full as a goog and just looking at this pic makes me want to eat it all over again haha.

Massive blog. Hope you're still awake.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Tonights eBay listings


Tonight at either 7/8ish o'clock these items will be available on eBay to bid on :)

I still cringe at the photos. Haha

Hunters Vintage eBay

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bundoora / Thomastown Market

Today was market morning.
I was very excited as I had never been to this market before.

My boss and I went to Bundoora/Thomastown market.

It was pretty strange. We arrived 10 minutes early and waited at the closed gate, and there wasn't another woman in sight! There were about 50 Italian looking men all around the 60ish age mark, hovering around the fence. We were very intimidated yet delighted as it was obvious no one would be looking for similar stuff that we were.

We had no idea what to expect. It looked big, and is called a 'trash & treasure' market, however all we could see were tools, and hear caged birds so we were a little reserved.

Anyway, 8pm came around and the 95:5 ratio of men to women flooded in and we found a route.

It was an interesting market. Not much trash & treasure, no families selling all their videos for $1, a ton of McDonalds toys, and piles of clothes that no one sifts through.
There was one or two antiquey vintagey dealers, and their prices were okay!
It reminded me a bit of Laverton market actually.
Lots of tools, goldfish, cheap asian toys, and my favorites, the stalls where grumpy old men go to the tip, and fill up old toyboxes of junk and bring it to market to sell.
All layed out on tarps, or chucked in any old box in no order what-so-ever is where I always find my favorite things.
One gold mine (not today) was a guy who had a box of vintage sunglasses deadstock. I regrettably only bought a couple. But it shows what scrounging through what appears to be old metal junk you can find.

Today was my best toybox find. Amongst old bike chains? I think they were bike chains, and a couple of cameras, and an old old old tv remote, was this...

Its a 1950's Bakelite telephone. The dial's plastic cover has been opened, but I can easily get another whole dial from QLD for $18 so that's no problem.
After a good clean it'll polish up to be a gem.
It cost me $15 Bargain!

This is the other phone I bought. It was on a ladys table who had lots of nice things, but I think it was items from her personal belongings, and maybe some of her kids old things. I dont think she was a collector. Anyway this phone had $20 on it, and I am 50/50 on if I have seen this in a book or not.
Well no. I have seen a see through light up phone that looks identical in a book I read maybe a year ago? And I believe its price was around the $300 mark. But I can't remember it's brand.
So I bargained with her and surprisingly got it down to $10, and figured, if it isn't the one in the book I saw, I'm at no loss because it's a rad 80's phone anyway and will increase in value at some stage. And if it is the one I saw, then SWEET!

That's all I bought. Oh no I bought a lighter for my stove haha.

So yep, I was very pleased with todays finds. And more pleased because I have something to research. Very fun.

Would you like a bag with your spraycan?

Hello! I'm sitting here typing this with test two of latex drying on my hand so it's very awkward.
I will do my best though.
Today I had to buy gold spray paint to spray my french hood that I'm making for Halloween. I felt so dodgy as I brought the can of paint to the counter. I put on my best 'I'm not a chromer' face, and payed for it.
The lady said 'Would you like a bag with that?' And I cracked up laughing at the humor in the question. But the stone face on her didn't twitch a mussel (she obviously didn't get it, or perhaps it wasn't that funny. Is it even funny? hmmm) so I just looked like a giggling idiot, or perhaps in her eyes, even a chromer.
I wonder if she'd offer a bag to an obvious druggie? I thought it sounded like a McDonalds upsell, 'would you like fries with that' style.

Hmm anyway, that gave me kicks.
This is what I wore today.

Although I said I would save this dress for a non working day, I gave up on the idea, because it was still cool earlier in the week, and hot only towards the end of the week when I worked. So I just made do with the costume questions because I didn't want to wait for a day I could finally wear it.

And, this is what I bought today.

Some more vintage gloves.

I bought this cake stand to put my jewelery on.

A hand made 70's belt

These are great. very hard to see without them being on, but they're polkadotted unflattering high waisted slacks. I hope to wear them soon :)

Cute floral dress in a size 10. I'm going to give it a go wearing it long. Strike Match Posted a blog a while ago about wearing skirts below the knee, and I too have her same problem, so I'm not sure how it'll go but I'll post pics.

Just what I need. More sunglasses. Haha I so don't. But really, how can you not buy something that serves the purposes of looking good, and practicality, for a mere $1. I'm racking my brain to think of something you can actually buy for $1. A potato cake?
I know what I'd prefer.

When I put my glasses away I got all proud of how my drawer was looking, so I took a photo to share.

Test two of latex turned out much better. I forgot to take pics before I peeled (It's just way too fun) And one single layer works much better. I also think I have to cut the gash rather than tear it apart with my fingers. Yepp. That'll be take 3.

Here's the beginnings of my french crown too.
They're selling on eBay for up to $300 and I'm so not prepared to pay that.
And then I found this website, where they turned a sun visor into one. Very clever. I have been searching for one on a headband for ages, and finally today I found one. Yee.

Ok thats all from me today.
Markets tomorrow morning, very excited, its been weeks!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Liquid latex gash test

At work, we always discuss at work how distorted our views on things are compared to the rest of the world since working in the costume shop.
You could say we're blind to all things strange.
We regularly find ourselves half way through having a lengthy deep and meaningful conversation about vampire teeth, . Which we find amusing when we compare it to other work fields who may discuss how to fry fish, or cut wood, or if peoples sales numbers are up.
Anyway, what got me excited today was that my specially ordered liquid latex had arrived. 500 mls of gruesome goodness. All day I looked forward to having a play when I got home.
I've had more lengthy deep and meaningful discussions with my boss Ellen about best ways to make my neck look the most decapitated (See, a very strange workplace) And we figured liquid latex was the best way to do so.
This is what I did

First of all I put down a layer of latex (which goes on white and turns clear) and then a layer of torn up white tissue paper. (You can choose any colour tissue paper, I'm painting my face white so I used normal tissues.)
I did this process twice so I got a nice thick layer, and made sure I blended the latex past the paper and into my skin so the layer looked well blended.

I then started to peal back a gash like valley through the tissue paper, creating a dam like barrier to hold the blood.

I painted a bit more of my hand white to blend it in more. The gash is heaps bigger here too.

Next step was to fill it with blood. I don't have much to practice with so I went easy. I'm also didn't want to open my 'one time only' face paint packet until the day which had black and blue face paint in it, which would mix well with the red to create darker hues and a more realistic blood.

So I raided my cupboard for anything I can substitute for dark blood. Unfortunately I didn't have any oyster sauce, so I mixed some coffee with it and it actually gave it a nice gravelly effect. Next time, I have some gravel stuff, and fake stitches that I'll add to the blood to make it look better, but again, didn't want to waste it on a trial.

Anyway, that gave me an idea of what to do next time.
Next time I'll separate the tissues into two layers and do more coats, with less thickness which will stop it from going as bumpy.

And then the fun began.
I thought it was fun to peel PVA glue off my fingers. Well, imagine doing that, off your whole hand. Dreamy.

So yep, that was experiment one with latex. I'm even more excited for Halloween now.
If anyone has any tips I'd be glad to hear them. I've youtubed it a bit and there's some great examples, however when professionals explain anything, they make it seem so easy because they're around it all the time.
Like the TV show 'Art Attack' He made out all his things were so easy to do. But no. My things always turned out a mess. Sigh.

Oh and this is what I wore today :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Banana Boat

Today was so constructive. You know those days where you get a whole lot of things on that list of things you can't be bothered doing, done?
That was me.
I payed off my credit card, well a lot of it.
I posted heaps of eBay packages.
I did a food shop and bought all healthy salad stuff to make sandwiches for work *PROUD*
And, I am now so so close to finishing my Halloween dress eee.

Anyway say hi to Nanna Trish...

And this is what I bought

It's an Oroton mesh purse with a beautiful clasp. It was $5.
Someone had just donated a heap of amaaazing bags. There's still a few there but they're priced accordingly.
So if anyones in Eltham head up to Eltham Town Mall for a squiz.
My boss bought a bag only I could dream of. I was oozing with jealousy.
It's a box bag made of an expensive material that I can't put my tongue on.
Oh my god. It's formed from diamond shaped pearl like material all flawlessly joined. So very art deco I'm bleeding. Ughhhh

Anyway, all day at work I knew I had banana cake in the fridge at home (So so so so good) and what was driving me beyond mad all day was that I couldn't seem to drop the banana boat song from my head. Except I'd say 'banana cake' instead of banana boat. I'm so annoyed by myself haha.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm a model, you know what I mean?

So I went digging.
After I posted my blog about getting back my Docs, I remembered this photo that was taken in year 7 for our 7D class magazine.
Everyone got a character/part and we had to act it out for articles. I was a 'model' My friend was dead and had chalk drawn around her, but thats all I remember.
I got sent my photo on email years ago from the girl who had the original magazine.
It continuously makes me laugh.
You will notice the reason behind the 'big foot' call made.

Bahhaha, I was born to be a model, check out my pose! I was hot to trot with my clown feet and 90's haircut.

Anyway, I thought I'd bring it out to show you, as I wore my docs again today. Oooh they were so nice. Still had my foot mold in them.
This is what I wore today.

And this is what I bought.

How good are moo moos? If you see them grab them, because once you take up the hem, and perhaps take in the sides depending on the size of it, they make the cutest A-line/baby doll 60's dresses.

Someone had donated two HUGE baskets of scrunchies/bow clips. All shapes and sizes. There were heaps. I bet she had a hard time doing that even though she'd see them as completely daggy now. I grabbed the good ones and was very happy.
They make the best neck ties, but also look rad in a high pony. 50c each

I have a real love for plain stripey t-shirts. They're the best to just chuck on with a pair of jeans, they aren't plastered in brands, they look good, and there are 3240238 million different kinds. AND as long as they aren't too small and clingy, they look good on everyone! :)

How cute are these little strawberry sock booties. The only problem is I always forget how little grip they have and as soon as I step into the kitchen I nearly stack.

Yay a NES. I have the original Mario game sitting here, but didn't have the console for it. But now I do. This was sitting in the 'to take to the dumpster' pile. AHHH!
This opshop isn't allowed to sell electricals, but I begged the lady telling her I'd been looking everywhere for one, so she said "If you get electrocuted, don't tell anyone we sold it to you" haha.
I got it for $5 with two games including Mario 3. BARGAIN.

AND.... then like every day I come home, my neck turns to rubber as I try to look around the corner in hope of having a package from Amazon waiting for me.
I ordered a ton of books over a month ago and TODAY THEY ARRIVED! Yippee.
They're in such good condition, and I'm so happy. I have a ton of reading ahead of me.

What a good day :)

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