Saturday, September 20, 2008


I failed my ban.. But I also succeeded too, so I don't feel too guilty!

I did so well. I worked two days without dropping into the opshop next door.
So including toilet runs, arriving and leaving, thats about four daily passes a day that I've said no to.
I also walked past savers twice in the morning, and sat at the bus stop out side twice at night and although my heart was aching, I didn't give in.

So that's twelve time's I've said no.

However today, I was walking back from the toilet at work, and as I passed the opshop, I got my weird vibe that I get, (details here)
And I did that indecisive footwork where you start to walk in a direction, then say 'no' and step back then say 'yes' and step forward etc.
But my feeling was saying yessssss, so I ran in and did my normal circuit in record time, then I walked past the dresses. This opshop never has good dresses. I think I've bought only one ever. But this time I felt it so had a look, amongst the frumpy nanna dresses was this gem.

It's actually a jacket, with splits in the front and back. I find it interesting because in three places it notes that it is washable. Not just directions on how to wash it, but letting us know that you can actually wash it!
I think that this is because perhaps the fabric (named 'magic crepe') may have been newly invented around the same time paper dresses were in fashion which may have had a similar texture? I've never had the pleasure of owning a paper dress but gosh I'd love to have one! Ideally an Andy Warhol Campbell's soup dress but for over $1000 its only a dream.

(Note the 'no cleaning, no washing' tag.) I think I must be right with my new dress washable theory.

(A few more paper dresses, gimme gimme! More info on paper dresses here)

So yes, for $3.50 I think it was worth breaking my ban for.
Not that I would have known it was there if I hadn't have gone in, but my gut told me to and I'm lucky it did.

My success came, when after I had broken the op shop ban, and I was on my way home, about to pass savers and I told myself "Well I have already broken my ban so I may as well go to Savers now"
Thats called strength folks!

What a good day!

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