Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sleep ins.

Today I slept in.
It was going to feel like drinking a glass of water after a cross country run. It was well and truly needed. Very excited.
I put my phone on silent, and pretty much zoned out as soon as my head touched the pillow.

This sleep in was traded for an early morning at the markets. It was an old feeling, but knowing I had nothing to wake up to, no cringe worthy alarms going off, nothing, was so so good.

So this morning, I naturally woke up, and looked at my phone to see the time, and realised that what I imagined was an epic sleep in was far from it. I was ready to wake up feeling a bit bad for waking up at lunchtime or something but no. It was 9:20-am.

So there was disappointment all around. I missed out on markets so I could sleep in, and I missed out on sleeping in!
Ripped off :(

I grumpily tried to go back to sleep but I felt sick imagining all these people finding my dream items that I would have got if I hadn't have been so silly. Sigh.

Oh well. Saver's 50% off sale is tomorrow, so fingers crossed I'll find something nice. Oh and keep note that the sale is on Clothing ONLY. Boo.

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