Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been really good lately. (Lately being yesterday) Where I didn't buy myself anything. I didn't even lead myself to the temptation with the old "I'll just have a look but won't buy anything" line.

And today, after work I ducked into Savers and left with only a couple of small things. *proud*

Set of pillow cases

Another apron.

And yet another 70's shirt. Yee.

But then tonight rolled around and was feeling the buying itch,
I was linked to and was hit with an onslaught of drool worthy books on the front page.
What a devious website. They knew what I liked and had laid out their whole front page going by my previous buys. They make it so very easy to get carried away, and I just fall hook line and sinker for every strategy. Especially with my brain in 'I deserve to spend something on myself because I didn't buy anything yesterday' mode. Bad bad bad mode to be in. The 'I deserve it' line is what kills me.
But really... how can this not tempt you too...

Amazon - Recommended for You
Trish - Oooh
Amazon - 85% savings
Trish - Ahhh
Amazon - Other buyers also bought...
Trish - Drool

I'm pretty excited about my purchases, And even more excited for next time.
I'll be getting Millers Collectibles 08 and 09 In september as 09's not out yet so I'll get them together. Christmas will come a few times this year.
Anyway.. this is what Santa is bringing me this month :)

1 of Alligators, Old Mink and New Money: One Woman's Adventures in Vintage
Clothing (thanks Kazza)

1 of Collectibles Price Guide 2005 (Collectibles Price Guide) [Paperback]
by Miller

1 of Collectibles Price Guide 2006 (Collectibles Price Guide) [Paperback]
by Judith

1 of Sixties Style (POCKET COLLECTIBLES) [Paperback] by Miller, Judith

1 of Antiques Roadshow Primer : The Introductory Guide to Antiques and

1 of Collectibles Price Guide 2003 (Collectibles Price Guide) by Miller,

1 of Judith Miller: The Illustrated Dictionary of Antiques and

1 of Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual: Cashing in on Today's Lucrative

Better get to work and put some things on eBay to help me pay for this!

Oh well presents :)

PS: Rob fans, you'll be pleased to know he's doing great and is looking forward to his release from hospital to pursue a career in modeling. :)


kazza said...

A quiet day for you on the shopping front. Are homemade aprons in at the moment? I appreciated the little thank you re the alligator mink book - your most welcome. All your orders for santa look very interesting. I try and track down my books through the library I would love to buy them all but they can be costly.

I just remebered that I do collect home decorating mags and a big find for me that was mentioned in a book about retro generally was a 70's decorating book by babette hays. it is apparently a collectors item according to this retro book because it is out of print.

trishhunterfinds said...

Haha semi quiet. The book buying made it rather big.
Um I'm not sure about aprons. I just like the combinations of fabric really. They're cute little things that are forgotten about because they're just aprons. I think thats why I like them.
Ooh what a good find! I'm jealous. I love decorating books. And 60's - 80's makeup/beauty books. They're so interesting how things change.
Well have a good night.

kazza said...

Another book that I have asked my library to purchase in is by Lettice Wilkinson titled Charity Shopping: The thrift Lifestyle. have you come across this one? Check out my Vogue Book purchase for 25 cents on I op I Am.

I bought two retro ties today to make up some more digital camera/sunglass bags. There was nothing much around for me today.

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