Monday, September 29, 2008

Love for Frankston and for my Mum

Today I went out Frankston way to visit Mum.
This is what I wore...

"It’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho."

My matching accessory is Mums dog 'Bella'. Though not a fan of small dogs, she is an exception. I have never met a more human dog. She has to have been here in another life. She's crazy smart.

My Mum is Queen of opshopping. She's taught me lots. Like me, her whole house is made up completely of opshop finds.
Every time I visit she runs around pointing out all her new stuff, and then when I say I like it, she's guaranteed to say "oppy!" as if I didn't know.
Opshopping is in our blood. Nan, Mum and I.
Mum says its because her family was poor when they lived in Scotland so they found best ways to get by. "Oxo cubes in water with bread to dip" was their dinners, and "sugar sandwiches for lunch".

It's great having two sets of eyes working for you! I love going to her house as she always has a pile of goodies waiting for me, and some home cooked meals too!
She has a sharp eye and knows my taste so its great having two people buying for one!
I was delighted to receive the message the other day saying "you can have pot"

I've wanted it for SO long.

Mum's not up with the technology. She's the kind of person who you can write a whole 2 page message to, and you will get this back... "ok"
Since mum discovered the beauty of picture messaging, I am forever getting them with items Mum's found to tease me, and also items that she's found for me.
I wanted to die when I got a picture of three watches that one person only just donated.
A genuine Chanel, Gucci, and CARTIER! So not impressed. $4 each.

This is what she had for me today.

Two Staffordshire tea cup sets.

A 50's tin Ashtray

Two egg cups, 'japan'

Fur hat

And this is what I bought.


Two pair of sweeeet flares. And they fit! Yee.


2 x Pillowcases

A macrame book. Don't gag yet, there's a pattern for these cute bags that I want to make.

See cute right?

Rad knitted tee! Currently being washed for immediate wear.

AMAZING crocheted poncho.

West Germany ceramic vase

And last of all this cute kettle.

My mum got hold of my camera and was loving taking photos and seeing them straight away.
She was running everywhere saying "Here, put my garden on your blog, put this on your blog, look how cute Bella is here etc." I have heaps of pics from mums house. I think a camera is on her Christmas list now. Then next is a computer. Wait till she discovers the world of eBay.

Here are a couple of pics from her house.

The view from mums front garden.

Cute frog

Drool. And that's only some.

The last thing Mum said to me as I hopped on the train was "Patricia turn your bag around, people can see that horrible macrame book"

I love my Mum.


Crafty Green Poet said...

brilliant photos, great finds. I love op shops too and when i visit my Mum we always go to the op shops...

Sarah said...

Mmm frankston op shops always yields the best things. I travel there weekly via PT (takes me two hours), but the findings are so worth it!

trishhunterfinds said...

Thankyou, going shopping with Mums are always the best way to catch up.

And Sarah, I'm exactly the same. I live out near Eltham, so its a massive trip to get there but always worth it.
Shopping inner city always leaves you disappointed. You have to go out to get the bargains.

Emma Harrison said...

I have an almost identical 70s pot, and just yesterday, I was told my old housemate walked out the door with it. Oh how I lamented! Alas, when leaving the house that evening what did I see sitting by the door but my lovely pot. I guess he didn't have room in any of his boxes. I'm still cheering.

Birdfruit said...

Wow, all these great finds from your mom!! I wish my mom helped me with my thrift shopping! Although I did get into vintage by wearing her clothes from the '70s.

Anonymous said...

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