Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let's go fly a kite!

Today I took a risk. I trusted the weather.
25 degrees, A fine spring day. So they said.
I was very hesitant. a 25 degree fine spring day could mean thunderstorms and 14 degrees in Melbourne. You can never tell. But today I ditched the backup jacket and went to work in a very vulnerable state, weather wise.
I kept having those quick heart jumps thinking I may have left my jacket somewhere. Its unusual I feel so light. No tights, no jacket. Just my florescent white legs and bare arms. Scary really.

This is what I wore.

This is the Kaftan I bought the other day. Thankfully the very worn material of this kaftan was so thin it dried in two seconds and I could wear it straight away. I'm well and truly over hand washing. I want a washing machine already!! arrrgh

Anyway, as I waited for the bus to work, I saw this family flying kites down at the park and I got that weird memory feeling and got a desperate urge to make or just find a kite to fly. Very excited.

This is what I bought today.

Some more patterns I will eventually get to sewing (unlikely)

Bargain brooch for $1. Bone china made in England. Very romantic.

This flight attendant style dress. It appears very 60's however the tag confuses me. It's very 80's so I'm unsure.

This is an item I've been hanging out for. A brown classy jacket. Yey. It shows that waiting is worthwhile. This jacket is to die for. I think the brand is a cheap foreign brand, but I don't mind. It's tie and some of its lining is in a lovely velvet. It's quality and fits like a glove. I got it from savers, but as I tried it on and put my hands in its pockets, I felt two things. I pulled out a pack of chewy, and one of its applettes. Easily fixed but still broken. So I asked for a discount. I was really nervous as I never ask at savers but I'm glad I did as they gave me 50% off. Yipee.

How amazing is this dress? I truly have an addiction to crazy sleeves. I had to put it on to show it better as the old coathanger trick wasn't doing it justice. It's a bit jelly belly, but other than that it's gorgeous.

It reminded me that I've been meaning to take a photo of another dress I bought a few weeks ago but have been putting it off because I couldn't be bothered putting it on. But today I bothered and thought I'd show it here.

Isn't it beautiful? Metal zip, fabulous sleeves. I'm thinking 1950's? I'm also assuming the sleeves were made for dancing with. It's by Lorraine Joans on Collins St. $2.50. WEW.

Also scored another cute apron

And thats all!

Luckily the weather was reasonably accurate. I heard on the radio it was 27 degrees at some stage? Wew summers coming quick!

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