Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kaftan Kaftan Kafan Kaftan!

Today was the 'official' end of the opshop ban, and its easy to say I made up for lost time.
Ash and I had a big day planned, so set our alarms for a frighteningly early time.
We woke up and struggled out of bed, finished homework and then headed out for some hardy shopping!
This is what I wore.

And this is what I bought!

Suede bag

Aristocats pillow slip

How amazing are these trimmings? I am so motivated to sew after this find!

Two pair of gloves and a pompom beanie. I also got a cute apron with this lot, (which in total cost $1) but it has a stain that isn't too flattering in the pics so left it out.

Huge huge bag. $2 Pwoaaah

Set of four transfer print glasses

Ugly Kaftan

Summery Kaftan

Favorite Kaftan!

Another Kaftan. The full length pic looked like a huge black blob so I just cut it down to the pattern.

Old old old poor mickey mouse. I love him. His poor un-stuffed neck struggles to hold up his heavy head.

And last of all, to go along with my crochet addiction, this cushion cover!

Very busy day.
Ash got some amazing things too! A lot of jealousy was floating about today.

I'm so exhausted now. I could easily go to bed now and sleep until the morning.

Bring on kaftan weather! Eeee!


Lavender said...

I love the summery kaftan. Great find.

By the way - after reading your blog I am now obsessed with rummaging for old swatch watches. The thrift gods are frowning so far though.

trishhunterfinds said...

Haha, as is my mum!
I called her as soon as I saw the price, and she went out the next day on a quest to beat me...
and she did.
She just happened to go in at the right time and get first choice in some newly donated watches from one ladies collection.
She got a genuine Chanel, and a Cartier, and another one that I can't remember, all for $4 each.
Not happy. haha.
I do plan on somehow getting my hands on at least one.

kpriss said...

In fact I wanted to write you a comment about the white t-shirt you had in your next post but when I lowered down my eyes and saw the reddish bag, I couldn't help myself! It's a very beautiful bag and you should do a picture of yourself wearing it (so we'd see just how big it is! I looove big bags, ginormous!)

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh I'm glad you like it.
I was thrilled when I found it as I have perfectly matching coloured shoes.
I'll see how I go with an outfit.
Big bags are beautiful.

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