Monday, September 8, 2008

Guilty shopper

Is there anything worse than when you're in an op shop, and there isn't a tag on your item?
You always see them sitting on the change room floors, and hear the women complaining about 'respect and honesty these days' because some people pull them off.
And then here I am, a clone of the people they're describing, with a tagless garment. GREAT!
I was tempted to put the dress back because I was so nervous to go up and feel like everyone was thinking 'liar liar liar'
But I got up the guts and went up to the counter.
See, I am paranoid at the best of times. My mind is so creative when it really doesn't need to be, and a lot of times, I tell myself what other people are thinking, whether they're thinking it or not.
It all started when I did the 40 hour famine in like year 8 or 9, and I went door knocking and got a few hundred dollars... sent in all of the money of course, and a few weeks later I went down to Melbourne and bought something new, I think a pair of pants? and one of the ladies who donated, saw me and smiled.
I automatically thought 'oh gosh she thinks I've pocketed the money and bought new clothes'
So now, most opshops I go in, I feel that I look dodgy and because I think that, I try to act not dodgy, which results in me looking dodgy.
Sort of like when you think about how you're walking, and then you don't know how to walk anymore? Yeah.
Anyway, in my attempt to not sound guilty of taking off the tag of the dress, (Which I didn't do) I stumble all over my words and blab in my nervous high pitched planned voice "hi I was just wondering how much this is? It doesn't have a tag but I didn't pull it off"
See? I over compensate to what they assume they're thinking (which in this situation they probably were anyway) which leaves me looking even more guilty.
Anyway, it seemed I just didn't look hard enough and the tag was under a weird bit of the inlay bit. So at least one group of ladies had their trust put back into me haha.
Here are my latest buys...

Sweet platforms. I wore them to the toilet and had a slight freak out when I sat down because it was so much lower and thought I'd missed the bowl... Too much information I know, but I thought it was funny.

Geometric (soon to be) mini dress

I realise that in this picture it looks like something a 60 year old lady would buy from one of those older generation boutiques, cross with 90's clubber fabric, but It's actually really classy and nice. And it's pleated. Makes me want to twirl.

This is one of my favorite items of late... 1970's shirt, massive collar and an amazing pattern, its birds that turn into duplicates that all fit into each other. I've seen this in an artwork I studied in year 12 or something. Love

Not sure if I'm a fan of this dress as the material reminds me of a singlet I had 3 or 4 years ago that I wore to death and now no longer like. But it was too cheap and really is a sweet dress


Another 70's shirt

Everyone I've shown this to says "isn't that the same as the one you wore in your couch photo?"

And no, its very different, this one has a cute gathering at the front with some flower buttons. Where as the other one's feature is lace :)

Pwoah. Massive blog.
Bed time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Trish, what a refreshing fantastic blog. I just loved it. I found you after reading the article in the Age "The happy hunter-gatherer" and I am so glad I did. I am also an opshop trawler, but am not into the 60's and 70's like you, so it was just so much fun looking at what you have found, item s I would not have given a second look. Good Luck with your future finds and with your future store. Please keep up this fabulous blog, it is so uplifting you are just soooooooooooo positive about life. I just love it. Cheers H

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh my gosh, what a lovely compliment.
I'm never sure what people actually think of my blog as I just see it as me waffling haha, but your comment has had me beaming all day!!


Gracie said...

trish, i feel the same way when i find untagged things in an opshop - the other day me and my boyfriend saw this amazing studded leather biker jacket (and all winter stock was half price that day) but the tagged had been ripped off - the lady working wouldnt sell it to us because it was untagged, but we begged and she told us to go see the manager. by the way it was super busy in this massive opshop and the line was building up and this manager comes out and starts full on yelling at the worker for sending a customer to see her. It was horrible. we ended up getting it for $25 which was a great price, but it just caused so much trouble.
we ended up finding the attached tag later, hidden deep in one of the jackets many pockets .. what a dumb place to put it!? i guess it was the managers fault after all!

StrikeMatch said...

All fantastic finds. I'm a bit funny about tagless items too but its gotten to the stage where the staff in all the op shops in town pretty much know me so they trust me. Which is sweet.

If you're still unsure about the green polkadots, I'll be happy to take it off you. :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Hi Gracie, ohh there's nothing worse than when its a half off sale and you can't find a tag, because then you know that when they reprice it for you, it'll be full price as they have nothing to halve.
Hopefully you didn't pay too much more when you found the tag at home!!

trishhunterfinds said...

Yess, I love being a regular to my local opshops too. I met a lady on the train once, who works at a few in the area, and now every time I go in, she introduces me to all the ladies as "the lovely girl who works at the dress up shop that she met on a train." And then they all come out and introduce themselves and often ask if i'd like tea, etc. Its so cute and always the same.
We have a little chat about where we've shopped lately and what we've found. Its good when they know you too because they often chuck in things for free, or give you a discount every now and then if they think the price is too high.

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