Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Carters Everything Vintage

Today I went Western Suburb shopping.
The area most well known for vintage / retro goodness, however I left with not all that much. It seems that because its so well known that, it brings everyone there to raid when I can't.
There's no disappointment though as I'm very happy with my finds.

This is what I wore.

And this is what I bought.

Can't stop buying crochet goodies.
I've been on the hunt for a crochet dress for what seems forever, so I'm considering ditching the sleeves on this but not sure if it's possible. I'll investigate further.

My newest additions.

And then.. I went into one of my all time favorite places. Borders.
I sat down with a coffee and browsed through some fashion books and collector books. There was one Carters 'Everything Vintage' left. As I flicked through I could already see items I owned and I couldn't put it down, so I BOUGHT IT!!!
Now that's my dream coffee table book. Ah. So happy.

Lifes good.


kazza said...

I think this book is a must for you trish - hang the expense. Vintage is your passion so you must have the appropriate research literature right?

I borrowed this book from the library and love it!

Today I went to bacchus marsh op shopping for the first time. I was very disappointed with the salvos. There is a Hospital op shop that was a bit more interesting but not much for me. I bought a hardcover 1981 book on patchwork by a French sheila/patchwork expert and a plastic peg basket for my clothesline - very practical capricorn that i am.

Amber said...

Oh that book looks really good! Would you say it's pretty accurate and all?

trishhunterfinds said...

Kazza - Oh good. I'm glad to hear that.
I spent all last night umming and arring if I did the right thing. I feel a bit better now.

Amber.. the book is AMAZING.
I pretty much owned the 2nd edition I hired it out that much from the library and thats how I knew how good the new one would be.
There's a lot of debates to if collectible guides like Carters are accurate or not, similar to Antiques roadshow, you sort of go pft as if its that price.
But my theory is, that since it covers items by heaps of different sellers who are actually selling the item, it has to be reasonably correct.
If it were written by one person and it was their personal opinion on how much things are worth I think it wouldn't be as accurate as they would have greater opinions on some items, and less on others.
Hmm I'm not too good at explaining things.
But yeah.. I think its pretty accurate! haha.
Well I hope it is... I've found some great things of mine in there!

angel wings and hearts said...

the crochet jacket is cute. borders are very expensive with books. you should check out what you want on - line from amazon. much cheaper even with the postage thrown in. :)


trishhunterfinds said...

Hi deb urgh I know what you mean about borders. The problem is its way too hard to say no.
I love the atmosphere in there and when you get stuck into a book you just have to buy it!
Oh don't get me started on Amazon.
I just bought about 7 books from there 2 weeksish ago.
Cost me next to nothing. The postage was more expensive. But what savings it is.
.88cents for a book. Ridiculous
Unfortunately they don't sell Carters guides as they're Australian. Oh how I wish.
That'd be so so so good.
So instead I buy the Judith Millers from overseas. I love them :)

angel wings and hearts said...

oh, i see. i didn't realise carters were australian. i think i am becoming mean in my old age because i won't buy anything from borders unless i check amazon first. i need that money for more op shopping things - coz you know i really need more stuff, lol.


trishhunterfinds said...

Hahah I'm already mean.. I shudder to think how I'll be in my old age if i'm like this already haha.
I was talking to a girl in a vintage store the other day and we were discussing the importance of having a store close to public transport. We both don't drive, as we'd much rather spend the petrol money on opshopping! And like you... i really need more stuff. Haha

Anonymous said...

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