Thursday, August 21, 2008


I come home to a letter in the mail notifying me of a planning application for development next door. Will it ever end?
Every single house I have lived in, I have awoken to the muffled sound of 101.1 ttfm, and electric saws screaming in my ears.
Whilst living in my last house, renovations next door happened for pretty much the whole of 2007.
In the Manorma house, the building across the road was bulldosed and a hideous black monstrosity was built in its place. Almost a year of miserable mornings there. I recall Clare and I getting so angry at them once, that we got the megaphone and yelled at them from our window to shuttup.... 7am wakeups every day weren't pleasant when we had the luxury of optional 12pm wakeups.
Church st 'nunnery' as we called it, there weren't any renovations... however I was 'blessed' with a nagging old witch in my ear 24/7. "Trollops."
Then the time when I pretty much lived at Clare's Elsternwick house, the neighbors were demolishing and replacing their house there too!
And last of all, my first house in Essendon. Soon after we moved in, they started building the security entry for the block of flats. I believe it still isn't finished.
How infuriating.
So really, I shouldn't have been surprised when I got the letter in the mail. It was only time until someone had to build something near by.
Tsk Tsk.
Farewell beloved sleep-ins.


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