Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a rubbish first post!

Having been a regular 'blogger' on Myspace for so long, I wonder why, that now I have decided to make the jump to a 'real' blog page, I am lost for something to say.
I thought that writing a first blog would be easy, but no.
I have sat here for a good 10 minutes with my fingers on the keyboard, (doing the 'thinking finger strum' that the irritating people with long fingernails always seem to do.) absolutely stumped with what to write.
I always have some anecdote up my sleeve, just not when I would really like to.

Therefore, I shall leave it there, without the exciting first ever blog that I wanted, and hope that something really bad happens tomorrow, so that I can tell a half decent story as my... second blog.

Until then, I'm going to go and soak into my number 3 heated electric blanket.

What a rubbish first post!



Michael said...

Clearly there needs to be more talk about me in this blog...

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