Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm living in the seventies!

I am in love with my opshop. I call it mine because I go there every day before work, and all the ladies know me by name. I think we all have a 'my opshop'
It's tiny, but the ladies who work in there must be the age where they see the 60's/70's the same way as we see the 90's. Which works well in my favour, as all retro gear goes straight onto the $1 rack out the front. Then riddled inside is racks of bad nanna 90's gear for up to $6.
I'm not complaining.
Today I picked up this little dress with crotched accents. Needs some altering to make it fit me better but for $1 I'm more than happy to do so.

Excuse my poor photography.
From the same store, obviously marked by the same women, was this absolutely enormous quilt. Fit for a queen bed, makes my double feel rather rich, in a hippie sort of way. It is only a few centimeters off the floor.
It was thrown on the ground under the other blankets and marked 'dog blanket'
It was love at first sight. Definitely not suited to everyones tastes, but it was mine. I have never lugged something so heavy home. The material was so thick, textured, and beautiful that it was a burden to carry. You can see in the picture of the tag, the type of material its made of. Each square different.

I then waltzed into savers. My friend who works there handily picture messaged me this morning, a photo of today's specials; Any three womens, mens, and children's pants or jeans for $12. I left with 2 pairs of vintage flares, and a pair of 80's pants similar to the lame' leggings fad recently, but the real deal. I shall save them another 7 years for when their turn comes around again.
I got all excited when I put my new finds on my 60's 70's rack. It's way too full. I'm going to have to invest in another rack soon. Which gives me a new goal of filling it. Hahah.
Here's a snippet of my collection :)

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