Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rain hail and no shine.

Today I went to Bentleigh and Cheltenham markets. I woke up at a crazy hour and with one eye open, and my brain in la la land, I caught the train from Mums house to Bentleigh. I quickly came to realise that I didn't have to wake up that early, because although Bentleigh opens at 7am, No one begun unpacking until about 8:30 as no one knew what the weather was doing. So I hung out in a cafe drinking coffee to kill the time.
I knew it'd be pretty crappy as the weather was shocking, but I left with a few good things. It seems that all the stall owners got together before market and decided on they would all say unfunny rain jokes to all the customers. My polite laugh turned into a polite smile by the end.
Anyway this is what I bought.

Cute chipmunk set

Best ever vintage stockings! Had to show the pattern, excuse my odd pose.

70's Peace ring

Haha how cute "Oh there is a difference"


Art Deco? Letter holder.

Powder compact

Oh and my poor fox.
I saw this gorgeous little head sticking out of this rummage box. It was a little fox that I recognised out of my book, It was Beatrix potter character or something like that... I can't remember, but it would've been worth at least $100, not a nick in him, I bought him for $1.
Silly me wore my leather gloves today, allowing me to fumble with everything I touched, then went and I dropped him... on the concrete. TING was the noise it made as his delicate tail snapped off. Devastated.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm living in the seventies!

I am in love with my opshop. I call it mine because I go there every day before work, and all the ladies know me by name. I think we all have a 'my opshop'
It's tiny, but the ladies who work in there must be the age where they see the 60's/70's the same way as we see the 90's. Which works well in my favour, as all retro gear goes straight onto the $1 rack out the front. Then riddled inside is racks of bad nanna 90's gear for up to $6.
I'm not complaining.
Today I picked up this little dress with crotched accents. Needs some altering to make it fit me better but for $1 I'm more than happy to do so.

Excuse my poor photography.
From the same store, obviously marked by the same women, was this absolutely enormous quilt. Fit for a queen bed, makes my double feel rather rich, in a hippie sort of way. It is only a few centimeters off the floor.
It was thrown on the ground under the other blankets and marked 'dog blanket'
It was love at first sight. Definitely not suited to everyones tastes, but it was mine. I have never lugged something so heavy home. The material was so thick, textured, and beautiful that it was a burden to carry. You can see in the picture of the tag, the type of material its made of. Each square different.

I then waltzed into savers. My friend who works there handily picture messaged me this morning, a photo of today's specials; Any three womens, mens, and children's pants or jeans for $12. I left with 2 pairs of vintage flares, and a pair of 80's pants similar to the lame' leggings fad recently, but the real deal. I shall save them another 7 years for when their turn comes around again.
I got all excited when I put my new finds on my 60's 70's rack. It's way too full. I'm going to have to invest in another rack soon. Which gives me a new goal of filling it. Hahah.
Here's a snippet of my collection :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dee Eye Why

I spent the wee hours last night starting a dress from one of the patterns I got the yesterday.
I just sewed on the button and it's complete.
Theres a few mistakes that I'll keep to myself, but next time it will be perfect. Yey.

I've never made a dress from a vintage pattern before, I always have made my own.
I'm oozing creativity right now, already planning my next one.

So very proud.

Monday, August 25, 2008

We are Siamese if you please

What an amazing day. I am beyond excited with all the things I got.
And all I spent was $36. $20 of it, was spent with a note I found in an old wallet, which basically means it was free. Yey.

3 pillow cases, 4 tea towels, a key rack, a beaded headband, and some decorative tape that I plan on edging a dress with.

This pot caught my eye. I've seen something like it in one of my books, and for a mere $5 I couldn't leave it sitting there. I'm going to research the makers mark tonight. Even if it is worthless, I love it.

Super cute Japanese novelty mug.

Two more additions to my 70's shirt collection.

An absolutely amazing 70's maxi skirt. Its by far my favorite item of clothing I own.... today.

Lacey teapot cozy and my new hat.

A handmade tote bag, and a hippie woven bag.

Fun apron :)

Tons of amazing 70's dress patterns. My toes are twiddling I'm so motivated to create. Eee

And by far my favorite items of the day, these two 'Siamese cats'? I've seen them in collector shops but I'm not sure what they're called, but wow. They're so glamourous, and have the most beautiful eyes, and not a chip or paint damage in sight. Its love.
Also another set of salt and pepper shakers in mint condition, still with makers sticker on them. :)
Not shown, is a set of vintage bathers with the cute little tutu attached, and from my secret 'Everythings $1' opshop, I nabbed a perfect fitting leather jacket.

I really really really love today.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stupid Piping

You know when you plan future scenarios in your head, even though you know that when it actually happens, it will never turn out anything like how you planned it?
Well a classic example of that happened to me last night.
It was a friends birthday, and I was left in charge of making the cake.
I decided on mini cupcakes.
And since I only recently invested in an old fashioned piping set complete with all metal accessories that makes those cute little designs you see on all the flash cakes, I was more than excited to do it.
I had such huge visions.
I had been looking at cake decorating books, and had a whole theme planned out.
It seemed so easy. I had all the tools I needed, all I really had to do was fill the equipment with the icing and pipe it on in the design I had planned.
So that night, I baked my mini cakes, which turned out better than ever!
Everything from then on went down hill.
The purple colour I expected was more like a grey lavender.
I added a ton of food colouring but it wouldn't change. So I just lived with it. I filled the metal piper with the gross coloured icing, but I couldn't get the lid on.
My hands got covered in icing during the process.
Then when I finally got the lid on, there was something wrong with the pressure and nothing would come out no matter how hard I pushed.
So I messily transferred all the mixture to the piping bag. However, I didn't insert the nozzle before hand, so I had to try and put it in afterwards. Smart.
After finally getting that all in place, I was ready to pipe. As I started to move the mixture down the bag, I noticed the bag was oozing, and a greasy purple liquid was coming through the sides of the bag. I think it must have been from the butter or something. Eew it was gross.
I continued, until finally, something came out of the nozzle.
It looked nothing like I imagined. Instead of these beautiful well shaped rose like blobs (see shape 4), squiggly uneven gunk came out.

I thought maybe I have to push a bit harder to get a more even amount. But instead the nozzle fell out and a massive blob filled the cupcake top.
So I proceeded to do massive ugly grey lavender blobs on all the cakes, and then gave up.
The kitchen was a mess.
There was icing EVERYWHERE.
And when I put everything in the sink, I caught a glint of purple and realised my whole hands were stained with food dye.
So rushed to the bathroom and scrubbed. It all came off thank god.

Here is the end result.

If you see to the right, one of the cakes has little squiggly bits still visible underneath the giant purple poo.

Look how easy they make it seem

Stupid piping.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trish Hunter Finds

Today I ducked into Savers on my way home from work.
And as I walked in I nearly fell over. Savers had a sale! I was shocked. Especially for what it was for. Most sales are '3 ladies slacks for $10' yeah boring. And even those don't happen on days other than Mon or Tues, I suppose to try and bring in more people.
But today... and on a Thursday
"All Mens, Womens and Children's jackets and coats were two for $12 and you get a free scarf hat or belt."
There had to be a catch. I read their little sign I'd say about 8 times while I was there. It had to be wrong, they have jackets that are like $40.
I strolled my favorite section of leathers and furs and picked out a few, but none really tickled me pink. Even at that 'too good to be true' price.
And then I remembered I had hidden this jacket that I rather liked in amongst the guys jackets, so I could have a think about it and if I wanted it I could get it another day. But $24.99 was out of my budget and I couldn't justify it, so forgot about it.
But if it was $6 I could... So fingers crossed I quickly shuffled towards where I left it, and to my delight it was still there. Lovely as ever.
I still didn't get my hopes up, as Savers was dodgy and I bet there was some 'excluding all half decent jackets' conditions somewhere.
Anyway I went back to the leathers and furs and there was this girl umming and arring about this pretty faux fur that wasn't there before. I didn't have one in that colour so I hung around. She put it back!
I kept pretending to look through the other jackets until she turned the corner, "keep going keep going" I chanted in my head, and then finally I pounced.
After raiding the rest of the shop, I approached the sales counter and asked if it was two jackets for $12 and the girl confirmed the sale was real! Yey!
So I took my lovely new jackets from a spontaneous and rather good Savers sale, and went home to tomato soup with floating toast. It was so good!

Oh happy day!


I come home to a letter in the mail notifying me of a planning application for development next door. Will it ever end?
Every single house I have lived in, I have awoken to the muffled sound of 101.1 ttfm, and electric saws screaming in my ears.
Whilst living in my last house, renovations next door happened for pretty much the whole of 2007.
In the Manorma house, the building across the road was bulldosed and a hideous black monstrosity was built in its place. Almost a year of miserable mornings there. I recall Clare and I getting so angry at them once, that we got the megaphone and yelled at them from our window to shuttup.... 7am wakeups every day weren't pleasant when we had the luxury of optional 12pm wakeups.
Church st 'nunnery' as we called it, there weren't any renovations... however I was 'blessed' with a nagging old witch in my ear 24/7. "Trollops."
Then the time when I pretty much lived at Clare's Elsternwick house, the neighbors were demolishing and replacing their house there too!
And last of all, my first house in Essendon. Soon after we moved in, they started building the security entry for the block of flats. I believe it still isn't finished.
How infuriating.
So really, I shouldn't have been surprised when I got the letter in the mail. It was only time until someone had to build something near by.
Tsk Tsk.
Farewell beloved sleep-ins.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a rubbish first post!

Having been a regular 'blogger' on Myspace for so long, I wonder why, that now I have decided to make the jump to a 'real' blog page, I am lost for something to say.
I thought that writing a first blog would be easy, but no.
I have sat here for a good 10 minutes with my fingers on the keyboard, (doing the 'thinking finger strum' that the irritating people with long fingernails always seem to do.) absolutely stumped with what to write.
I always have some anecdote up my sleeve, just not when I would really like to.

Therefore, I shall leave it there, without the exciting first ever blog that I wanted, and hope that something really bad happens tomorrow, so that I can tell a half decent story as my... second blog.

Until then, I'm going to go and soak into my number 3 heated electric blanket.

What a rubbish first post!


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